Ps2 stick

  • Is there a way to make the tournament edition stick work on playstation 2 ?

  • If not, what’s the best stick for ps2 ? ( for the third strike gameplay in fact. )


You can dual mod it with a PS1 Dual Shock PCB or with a MC Cthulhu with PSX Cable attached (either directly or via RJ-45 Jack).


Yeah, probably a MC Cthulhu board is the best bet… or if you’re hunting down a PS2 stick, the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2’s are probably the best bet (the SA being the bestest)


Waouh, thanks for your ansewrs.

So there is a way to play ps2 game with a TE.
Is the modding affect the input’s accurracy ?


modding shouldn’t affect the input at all, unless something somewhere gets damaged.

and unless sony patches the ps3 to allow the TE to play on PS2 games, it wont happen.

i traded my PS3 TE for a HRAP2, because i knew i could just buy a good adapter (inPin) to play PS3 games.