Ps2 sticks vs ps3 sticks

Hey guys,

I just wanted to get your opinions of using a ps2 stick with a ps3 adapter versus using a ps3 exclusive stick. I know that the type of adapter being used plays a huge factor in the lag department.

Assuming that you have the best ps2->ps3 adapter (e.g., pelican, etc.) available, are ps2 sticks just as good as ps3 sticks?

I have used ps2 to ps3 adapters (pelican and inpin) and did not really feel any difference at all. But if you want to be technical about it, there is like a .17 second lag, but realistically, it doesn’t affect gameplay at all. You should check out the adapter thread that was posted on here.


Noooo wayyyy, that number is definitely false: it works out to about 10 frames of delay, which is absolutely unacceptable by our standards. Sorry man, nothing personal, don’t mean to run train on you, just pushin’ truth and facts.

As far as I understand, the Pelican has less than 1 frame of lag, which makes it essentially zero, which is why it’s so damn good. I don’t know about the Inpin adapter but I’m sure that it’s the same just based on how people rave about it.

Just to put some numbers on what “our standards” are, people generally consider 1 frame adapters to be fine; examples are the PS-to-DC converters. Anything more than that and you’ll find a lot of people start to strongly dislike them.

How about in terms of build/quality/features? Are PS2 sticks pretty much the same as PS3 sticks (e.g., HRAP2 vs HRAP3)?

Same quality.

Only difference is the redesigned Turbo function (which I never use anyway) and the lack of a Home Button on the PS2 models.

I have an HRAP 2 SA (blue button model) and a standard HRAP 3 modded with Sanwa buttons. Quality’s the same.

I really don’t detect a difference in response, either. I’ve used both sticks (HRAP 2 SA with a PS2-to-PS3 adaptor I bought off of e-Bay) and they play the same on SF IV.

Main thing I like better about the HRAP 3 is the Octagonal Gate I installed. (The Home Button is a bonus, too, but I could just use a stock PS3 control pad for that as well. Not a big issue for me.) The Octagonal Gate generally makes pulling off the Ultimate and Super Combo moves easier. I have found, however, that after about a week you hardly notice the stock Square Gates installed in my other sticks. You can differently get better with the Square Gate if you have an Octagonal Gate installed in another stick – ie, experience with a better controller/more comfortable controller makes you better with less comfortable/inferior controllers.

Same thing happened with me playing SF II on the SNES. After I got the Capcom Soldier Pad, my SF II playing improved dramatically. I found I could go back to the godawful stock SNES pads and pull off special moves that I could never get to come back. Still preferred the more comfortable D-pad and traditional 6-button layout on the Soldier Pad, however…