ps2 sticks?


I just want a cheap stick that I can use to play guilty gear with on a ps2. However, since the ps2 is an older system I cannot seem to find any decent sticks. I’ve done extensive searching on amazon and play-asia. The best I’ve found is:

BUT, there are 2 reviews that mention problems with that stick:

Where can I find a decent ps2 stick?

#2 i guess this would work for you… dont pay 60 dollars for a mayflash. just dont.


Is this stick any good?


its the same stick, u can also try the trading forum they have lots of sticks for ps2


Just do like me and grab a PS2 HRAP2. I bought the Arcana heart 2 stick, great even out of the box.


What about this stick?

For that price($95), would I be better off making a custom?


thats a pretty cool stick. custom tho. lets see a crappy box? 40 bucks. cthulhu i think 30 bucks. buttons 6 30’s and 2 24’s about 25 bucks. depends wots worth it to u


i was wondering the same thing for a while. i ended up getting the tekken 5 stick, and i love it. its not the HRAP version, but its still really nice. i love the size compared to my tekken 6 stick too, wish they stuck with it.