PS2 Tekken 5 question

After years of playing Tekken 5 DR on my psp, I decided I’d dig out my old ps2 copy of the basic game, both to see how it looks in high def (pretty sweet), and to give it another go-round. I was fine with the lack of more realistic physics from BR (knockdowns on moves interrupted by low kicks, etc), but the characters in general felt stiff, despite the controllers themselves being broken in very well. My favorite character Raven had trouble connecting with follow-ups from launchers (the Mishima clan and other characters seemed fine), as well as getting most launch attempts with df+ rp stuffed or thrown. I play the psp version on the hardest setting and this doesn’t happen unless I’m REALLY sloppy. I think Namco may have sped this move up for the upgrade. Also it seemed characters were launched too far away when Raven used ANY launch move, as opposed to DR, where the characters are launched mainly up. Am I imagining this? Anywho, I’m giving this game to a friend at work. I don’t know how I had fun with it, but I didn’t use launchers nearly as much before I got Tekken on psp.

I see a block of text and no question. Other than a character specific one. Raven had no problems getting combos in 5.0, but tech traps > normal juggles in this game. If you want better info dig through Zaibatsu’s archives.

And I don’t wanna hear shit about how you don’t wanna go there, it’s way more informed than here even if there’s a lot of BS.