Ps2 to 360 adapter-does it exist yet?

if it does exist , does anyone have any links/opinions?

yes. It’s called the XFPS360.

Only thing is you will need a WIRED 360 controller for it to work. IMO its not worth it because its $80 + $40 if you dont have a wired controller. For that price you can get a custom stick.

Should I be looking in the “Controller Adapter/Converter” thread
for more info or can I ask here?

Is the XFPS360 any good and does it work with PS1 digital pads?

it is very picky. I tested one out. I had lagg with an unmodded T5 hori stick. A PS2DS pad seemed like there was no lag however. I dont recall if i tried it with a ps1 digital pcb. I had to fidget with the damn thing for an hour though to get it to recognize the ps2 controller.

It was mostly designed to work with a kb/mouse combo for fps games on 360 like Halo and Gears of War. I couldnt get it work for the life me though.

How about with the PS2 SF Anniversary pad?

trust me when i say that the xfps is garbage, no matter what. especially since its 80 bucks and requires a wired pad. the converter doesnt successfully even hack the usb port (hence why it requires 360 pad to be plugged in)

avoid at all costs, terrible. even if it was 15 bucks, its still terrible