Ps2 to 360 adapter -fried


I was using Xtokki’s adapter for the 360, plus an adapter for snes to ps2 on the windows game controller, when making a snes joystick with spare parts. I forgot about power differences and I fried the xtokki :frowning: Anyone know if Xtokki’s adapter has a fuse that could just be replaced for it to work again? the adapter does work on windows but not on the xbox 360. When I plug the adapter in to the 360 it’ll flash 4 lights.


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Besides USB and SNES controllers working on +5 volts I don’t see how you fried the Xtokki adapter.
Yes I know PS2 controllers work on 3.3 volts (and 7.6 volts)

if the Xtokki adapter has a fuse, its a SMD part, small and hard to solder (and probability expensive to replace)

Do you have a Multimeter? if so you might be able to find the blown fuse (the blown fuse would have zero continuity)