PS2 to 360 adapter

Is there a ps2 – 360 adapter?, because i want to buy an xbox360 but would like to play with my HARP2, or is the only way to play with an stick is buying the Hori DoA stick?

yes there is the XCM XFPS 360. it’s 80 $ and you need to have a wired 360 pad connected to it while starting the box so it recognises the controller.

i wouldve guessed no

I’ve read that the adapter only works with first-party controllers, so you’re out of luck getting your HRAP working with the 360. You only have three options:

  1. Find a DOA4 Stick

  2. Buy this.

  3. Ask a stick builder to build you a custom 360 stick.

uh didn’t know that. thats really bad.

thanks for the info, i think build one or find the hori at a decent price is the best option.

Yeah the xfps seems to be first party PSX or PS2 pads only. The keyboard hookup works well too, so a stick with a PS/2 keyboard output will work nicely. I wired one of dreadedfists’ sticks (originally PSX pad) to an I-pac and have been told it works pretty nicely with 360 fighters.

i have an x-arcade(i know shame on me :frowning: ) with a PS/2 output, i’ll try it… when i find someone … with a 360 near me :looney:

I’ve never used an X-arcade. Can you remap it’s buttons?

The xfps automatically hardwires certain keyboard buttons to certain gamepad buttons. For instance the wasd buttons serve the same function as the analog stick on the pad and it doesn’t look like there’s any way to change that.

Also, the Home, end, delete, page up, page down, insert block of buttons seems to show up as only a couple of buttons. So you can’t use them as 6 distinct buttons. That seemed really weird.

The stick I rewired had a model of the Ipac that lets you change what keyboard button any of the input registers as so there were no issues.

If this converter requires a wired 360 controller to be connected to it at the same time as a first party ps controller, then the hrap and other sticks won’t work. Unless they are licenced by sony (which I think they are) anything that’s not first party will not work right? I think padhacking a wired 360 pad is a lot cheaper and easier lol

I haven’t seen an exhaustive list of controllers tested on the XFPS, but it looks like first party only. There might be some that work. People will have to test it.

The XFPS is good if you want to use a regular dual shock controller or keyboard and/or mouse. If you want a stick, rewiring to a wired 360 pad will probably be more reliable. And then it’ll work on a computer too for any emu users.

That stick I rewired to use a keyboard encoder was recently re-rewired to use a 360 wired pad. It works better.

What exactly can you do with this? I’m curious.

Play video games on a xbox360. What part are you curious about?

I’m wondering if you can take it and rewire it to a stick you already have. I have 3 sticks and I want to change one of them. I wonder if I can just swap out the pcb and put that thing in there.

Sure, but It’d be just as easy to wire up your own 360 wired controller. The the gopodular sticks don’t use a common ground, and have two separate wires going to each microswitch.

if anyone wants one i have one i’ll sell for $55 shipped

you need a 360 wired controller to make it work

tekken 5 arcade stick works but HRAP doesn’t

and mouse/keyboards work

let me know

My HRAP2 works with it. The input response gets pretty bad sometimes though.

The X-Arcade has been tested with the XFPS and it works, you can either use a Playstation 2 adapter into it, or the USB ports. If you use the USB ports the controller is programmable. Not sure if the PS/2 ports on it work though.

Anyone have a list of what works/doesn’t work?

Also how is the input lag?

Bought this several months ago…all I can say is save your $$

Tested the adapter with the following:

1)Official Sony DualShock 2 pad

2)3rd party dualshock 2 pad

3)SF anniversary edition pad

4)MAS stick (I think it has a DS2 pcb…been so long don’t remember)

5)Hori Soul Caliber 2 stick

6)Custom PS2 Snes pad (what type of pcb/encoder is used for the thing…have no idea)

All 6 of these yielded ghosting results. For example, using Ken on 2nd plyr side…after doing 2 dps in sucession, the adapter would automatically make Ken move to the left continuously until I pressed the right command to cancel it.Same thing happened with Guile, Gief, etc (BTW, all these tests were done on HF). The lag on the adapter is minimal, but the auto ghost makes it unplayable.

Hope this info helps.