Ps2 to 360 converter/mayflashstick?

I got a few questions for you stick experts.

  1. Is that mayflashpc/ps2/ps3 stick decent for a new player?
  2. Yeah I know the buttons and stick are probally trash but is it easy to modify
    This stick,compared to the mad catz sticks?
    3.I wanna buy this stick because I wanna play cvs2 on my ps2 with a stick but all my other games are on 360
    So I wanted to get a 25$ps2 to 360 converter along with this stick which will both be around 70 bucks.ill buy good buttons later. you think I should just buy the wwe brawl stick for 360(cheapest decent 360 stick)and forget about cvs2 and focus on my new 360 figjters?

Can’t answer for the first three due to inexperience, however:

Do you have a Gamestop nearby with the $30 brawlsticks in stock? If not (and thus you’re paying MSRP), then I see no reason to get a brawlstick instead of a Mayflash*** and converter. They’d cost about the same base, and you’d probably end up replacing the parts for the same price in both.

*** - This is working off the assumption that the mentioned Mayflash is of solid build quality and ease to mod. Again, no experience on that particular stick.

WWEBrawl stick is the best beginning range.

This is its alternative at a dearer price thats also an all in one and is a very good base modal to work from
Looks identical to the MayFlash so possibility same build quality.

  1. Its a shit stick out of the box
  2. not really
  3. Yes it does work with the xtokkie converter on
  4. Yes, especially if you’re not a modder or just want to play without dealing with upgrade ‘headaches’.

I fixed up a mayflash ps2/3 stick recently, but only cuz I could, not cuz I would want this to be my main stick. fun project stick. nothing more.

edit: The Datel stick is better only cuz the pcb is ps3/360, other wise, see above :slight_smile:

The PS2/PS3/PC Mayflash isn’t too hard to mod as far as stick and buttons, it’s a decent starter stick if your main goal is to have PS2 compatibility out of the box. It’s up to you how dedicated you are to your PS2 games. If 360 out of the box is more important then go with the Brawlstick. Both will require alot of work and know how to dual/multi mod later, so go with want you want most out of the box.

I’m not planning on playing on any ps3 and I really wanna play my Cvs2. So I think ima buy a mayflash stick with a converter. So I can play on ps2 and 360. And not mention its already ps3 compatible just incase. But when I need to replace the buttons later on is it easy enough for a beginner to actually go on youtube to learn how to switch the buttons and the stick?that’s what I really neeed to know. Oh and they have no wwe sticks available anywhere lol.
oh and will I have to drill to put the stick and buttons in?

read through these threads


If it sounds like something you can do, go for it, but the mod isn’t just a drop in/replace type of mod. If you can’t find the Brawlstick, then the Hori VX is a good option too. Just depends on your budget.

If you buy a mayflash make sure you mod it. The buttoms don’t last very long

  1. Well I also had it as my first stick. Coming from a pad, it really helped me get adjusted to the way sticks felt at least. I don’t remember how they felt now, but at the time I didn’t really have a problem with them, but that was probably because I hadn’t felt what Sanwa or Seimitsu parts felt like. Ignorance is bliss huehuehuehue.
  2. No, not really. You’ll need to have a soldering iron and something to file the button holes to make them bigger (IIRC the stock button holes are 28mm and you’ll need to enlarge them to 30). It was my first soldering job and it wasn’t that hard, just a bit annoying with how small the contacts were. I also used a dremel with a filing attachment to widen the holes.
  3. I am not sure about this since I have never used a converter with mine, but I am planning on getting that xtokki converter since I heard that works.
  4. Eh, if it were me and I really wanted to be able to play on a stick, i’d do it. I probably wouldn’t do it if I were just gonna go play CvS2 for a week or so.

About the drilling part, like I said all you need for the buttons is something to file down plastic. With the stick, you can mount it with the stock screws from the mayflash. I can’t really explain the stick portion very well so i’ll just leave that up to the tutorials. :V

Nope ima be playing a lot of cvs2 and mvc2 on my ps2.
I used to have the cvs2 arcade cabinet but I had to sell it. So yeah i can see myself playing that game a lot. I’m gonna buy
A mvc2 cabinet from this liquor store by my house shutting
Down for really cheap. My roim is gonna look so beast!! I’m just new to the modding buissness haha

get the ps2/ps3 stick and mod it. converters will sometimes add lag and sometimes not add any noticeable lag. if your stick is built with ps2/ps3 support, you have the best possible solution IMO. just remember no to leave them plugged in to the consoles. if you turn on both the ps2 and ps3 at the same time you will break it and have lots of these :frowning:

You’re going to regret buying a piece of shit stick. Pick whether you want to play your 360 games or ps2 games more and buy a decent stick for that system like a hori. Do not buy a cheap stick.