PS2 to 360 converter


I’m looking for one so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I came across this, but I’m not sure how legit it is


If you use the search function, you would find a lot of threads stating how legit it is. It is the adaptor that Wolfkrone uses for his pads.


Question I always wanted to ask: Can you use it for other games? I mean, yeah sure you can but say… the triggers. Those are buttons on PS2 how does that carry over?


One of my local TOs has a ton of these and lends them out for tournament use. I’ve never used on myself, but a lot of people have sang their praises and claim they work better than the etokki.

Again, I have no experience, but that’s what I’ve heard.


It is the best from now.
Get one and be happy.
Kudos to the one who gets the best from now reference.

Oh and i agree with rtdzign, the search button is your friend. As is this.
Get your learn on!!!