PS2 to 360 converters cables

I have a Nubytech 15th anniversary Street Fighter controller for PS2.
This one:

I need to know if this pcb will work with any PS2 to Xbox 360 controller converter cables.

If anyone has any knowledge regarding this subject I would greatly appreciate the help.

I plan to use this PCB for my current stick project and I dont want to wire it up or purchase converters if it isnt going to work.

2nd question:

The L2 and R2 buttons are each composed of a smaller circuit board that is wired to the main circuit board.
Can I remove the L2 and R2 circuit boards without effecting the performance of the main circuit board.

My setup is only 6 buttons and space is tight in my case. Id like to remove them but I dont want to mess the PCB up entirely

Most standard PS2 controllers will work with PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters. As for using the Nubytech 15th anniversary Street Fighter controller’s PCB for an Arcade Stick should work. You should test to see if the controller is common ground or not, this is to plan out your wiring and potentially make your job wiring the stick easier. I do not know why you want to take apart a collectors item for your project, but that is up to you.

And yes you can remove the L2 and R2 button PCBs, buttons work by completing a circuit, just like a ON Off Switch. Pushing down on the button is the same as flipping a switch to the on position.

My question is, is this stick your working on for PS2, Xbox 360 or both?

I plan to use this stick for both systems.

I bought this fight pad when they fight came out but since my I havent used it in years. its just been sitting around collecting dust. I even tried to sell it in the Trade Outlet forum before, but no one wanted it :frowning:

regarding common ground, I know nothing of it.
I guess I really have alot of research I should do before I just start soldering stuff.
Probably be watching youtube vids and stuff to find out how to test all that.

Here is an image of the PCB can you tell if its common ground from this diagram

As far as converter compatibility goes, check this thread:

I listed an explanation of common ground in Chapter 2. No need to repeat myself. However, I can confirm that that PCB is common ground. And if you’re at all curious how to tell if a PCB is common ground by looking at it, you can read chapter 6, padhacking. However, in short, in your other thread, I pointed out a single trace that was ground and connecting to one of all of the sides to the pad. That is how I can tell it is common ground, as it has that common ground trace touching everything.

Yes, you can take off the extra L2 R2 boards without hurting anything.