PS2 to dreamcast converter

Hey guys I have a custom byrdo stick and im looking for a ps2 to dreamcast converter but I cant find a trustworty site and I cant figure out which converters will work. Does anyone have any site recommendations or converter recommendations? I just dont know the website or the ebay special to snatch.

Try to find an Innovation Converter if you can. They’re really rare, but they’re the best you can get. If you can’t find one, just get a Total Control Plus. Those are just as good from what I hear.

P.S. if you used the search function, you would’ve found like 20+ threads on this topic with your answer.

i got one you wanna buy $20 shipped, its a total control converter. L1 is assist 1 R1 is assist 2 btw. get at me

check your PM’s :wink: