PS2 to Dreamcast converters

Any problems with them?

Just browsing eBay, I saw the Total Control and the Total Control 2.

Does one of them suck, or do both of them work OK? Is there another model which I should avoid, or will any of them do?


DC 3-in-1 Converter


Total Control Plus


Total Control 2


DC Dream Connection II, the one Evo uses, so that obviously doesn’t suck.

there’s no link to the DC 3-in-1 converter. it sounds like it’s the one Dragon made, and those are all i use. make sure your stick has L1 and R1 right below each other though, because it maps L1 and L2 to L, and R1 and R2 to R.

I got the innovation dream connection and it’s working fine.

the innovation one works perfectly…

My Dream Connection II just came in yesterday after ordering it from on Feb 10. And yes, my Dream Connection II works perfectly with no lag. The Saturn, keyboard, and VMU support are really nice features too. I highly recommend this product since this converter is Evo-Standard in Evo tournaments

The only thing worse than burning out my own Dreamcast (I don’t actually own one) would be ruining one that doesn’t belong to me. I was under the impression that certain sticks and certain adapters will ruin them, like using a MAS with a Magic Box or something.

I’ve heard good things about Innovation here and in this thread.

Does this adapter still pose a risk of permanently damaging the console?

I’ll deal with the occasional crash if I have to!

I’d would use either a HRAP2 or an SFAC stick (modded with Sanwa and Happ, respectively, if that makes any difference to their power draw or whatever).

Innovation adapters are impossible to find on ebay. I may have to settle for one of those total control adapters.

check it out

the total controlls are just as good. neither one of them is perfect, but both will work.

all of the adapters are somewhat cheap and shakey, nothing like 1st party official stuff.

bump this thread as it has answered some of my questions, but was there ever 1st party stuff as the above posts mentions?

lol, there isnt any first party converters becoz Dreamcast and Playstation are competitors!

I think by first party he means native PS / DC controllers

I use a Total Control Plus and it works perfectly without any input lag whatsoever.

even on mvc2?? no lag at all??

please let me know here bro

input lag isn’t specific to a game…
i’ve played mvc2, cvs2, ST, sfa3 with no lag at all.

how does total control map buttons r1 right r2 left? cause i only have 6 buttons on my stick if it doesn’t map it like innovation cause i’ll hope i can find an innovation

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Could I get any of these at a local store still???