Ps2 to n64 converter


Why haven’t there been playstation to n64 adapters ever made. I would love one that takes a memory card alot like the ems for the dreamcast.

Maybe someone could build them?


i happened to stumble upon some PS1/2 to N64 converters awhile ago. i got lucky to find a pair of them in the same used music/game store some years back :stuck_out_tongue:


Who makes them ?I have searched online and never found any available.


Unless someone can prove me wrong, these were only distributed with a PSX/N64 steering wheel. It shipped with a PSX end and used an adapter for the 64.


so mayybe this Formula Pro Racing Wheel


If you can find a common ground N64 PCB, you might be able to attached a toodles FW widget converter to it. That is also assuming you do not need the analog stick on the N64.


Here you go. It’s an Interact V3 wheel. You can see the converter rocking out front and center.


yup, those are the exact ones that i own :slight_smile: i didn’t know they were only distributed with that steering wheel controller though, hehe


Do they work well? Does analog stick work or just digital? I am talking about n64 using the ps2 controller.


I have one, it doesn’t work with anything but the steering wheel.


So not response to dpad or face buttons? What controllers did you try?


The fact that that “converter” is so small has me a little freaked out. I’m used to the idea that there needs to be some sort of actual electronic conversion going on.

I can think of two possibilities for why that would work.

  1. The N64 and PSX controller interface protocols are entirely parallel, which means you really would only have to do pin-matching to get one to work on the other. THIS IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY.
  2. The Interact V3 wheel houses the controller boards for both N64 and PSX, and can choose which to output through autodetection. Aka the V3 wheel is “pre-dual-modded”. This means that the cable conversion will ONLY work for that wheel. This is the more likely option.