PS2 to NES/Genesis/SNES converter


Hi there,

I own an old NES, SNES and Genesis and although I don’t really play fighting games on these systems, I do play other Arcade type games such as Beat-em-ups and shooters and it would be nice to be able to use my HORI PS2 stick with these systems instead of buying 1 for each console respectively.

I recall seeing PS2 converters for these old systems years ago, but I can’t find them on Google anymore. Does anyone have links to provide me where I could buy these?



Dig a little


That’s the one, thank you


Once you get them do the community a favor and post the button mapping for those adapters in this thread:

We know that TTK makes lagless adapters (I can vouch for the Saturn adapter) but don’t have button mappings for the others. As an FYI, TTK doesn’t make NES adapters. They only make Famicom (DB15) and “Famicom 2003” or something like that. The Famicom 2003 is the same thing as the Genesis adapter, literally. It even has the same picture. It was renamed for people who can’t figure out that the NES/Genesis clone combo units use Genesis controller plugs by looking at it and seeing it’s the exact same plug. You know they must have gotten a lot of emails asking about it to sell the same product twice. :rolleyes:


Yes, the guy replied to my e-mail when I asked him about the HORI stick compatibility, he told me that he doesn’t have NES converters which I find very strange. An NES converter would cover the NES, NES 2 and Famicom AV and would be a great solution for 8bits Beat-em-ups, SHMUPS, etc…

Anyway, as for button setup, it’s listed on these PDF documents:


I’ve been thinking about buying a ToToTEK SNES converter and making a SNES to NES cable for NES use. I would end up spending more on it than I’d like so it’s on he backburner for now. I was caught offguard when one for NES didn’t exist.


Do like I did today, go to a flee market and buy an NES Advantage for $20 :slight_smile:

Mine still had the box too :cool:


NES Advantage is crap, he’s wanting to use a GOOD joystick with his classic systems.


Hey, show some respect for the classics :nunchuck:

Anyway, unless you count Yie Ar Kung-Fu and TMNT Tournament Fighter, there’s no fighters on the NES, so whatever little lag you would have in the NES Advantage wouldn’t really matter for SHMUPS and Beat-em-ups.


Kyle, I’d buy you the cables if you’d do the hard work and build me one at the same time!


Here’s my problem:

$15 + ? shipping for the ToToTEK converter.
$20 for 2 x NES and 2x SNES extension cables. I thought these would be cheaper but oh well. I’ll probably need two of each in case I botch the first attempt.
$19 for a USB NES converter. This would let me test it without worrying about blowing the NES controller port. I assume that it would work but it may not…
$3 for a little project box.


So I’ve got $60+ and hope that it works. I’m probably going to spend ~$6 instead and just use my TE on it since its wired up with a db15. I wanted to use my Namco just FYI.


Hmm, well, I still haven’t ordered from ToToTEK, I want to get everything in one shot. I want 2x Saturn converters, 1x SNES converter. Just keep spending money in the Trading Outlet :amazed:


20? I’ve never paid more than a dollar or two for one at a flea market (I have 3 or 4 now)


Yep, I turned one down a couple days back for four.

MasterKojiro, do you have some SNES/NES extension cables?


If anyone cares, I got them today and they work great with my HORI joystick.