ps2 to PC

I just bought a new computer not too long ago and I’m wondering if there is a way to use my computer to hook up my ps2. The monitor doesn’t have any plugins, but my pc has extra room to fit in what ever.

I heard about this but I’m wondering if there are any other products.

Oh and I tried using search and quickly scanned the forum but couldn’t find anything so if there is already a thread could you kindly post it.


I’m interested in this, too, now that I’ve seen it. I’ll be building a stand-up cab soon enough, and would like to use an LCD monitor.

i think a VGA Adaptor, or video capture card are options. your kind of monitor matters though, as it can lead to input lag like an HDTV

This shouldn’t be an issue, as HDTV’s lag because they have native resolutions and PC monitors are built to handle resolution switching.

The only lag I could see happening is in the converter itself (if it’s not well designed).