PS2 to PS3 adapters


I’ve heard that since the firmware update, some of the adapters don’t work anymore. Which ones still do? If I have a custom built PS2 stick (and not a brand name one), will the adapter work?

Also will it work on PC?


inpin is all you need.


Who knows? What kind of PCB is inside of it? Open it up and take a picture of the board.


What’s inpin? Something like this? PS2 to PS3 Controller Converter Adapter: Video Games


No, this is iNPiN:
iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter

I also highly recommend the Pelican adapter. There are 2 for sale in the trading outlet right now in this sale thread:

Good luck! :wgrin:


There is already a whole thread (8 pages and counting) on the Subject. Alot of people (including my self) report what devices work or do not work with the PS3. Honestly I would say search more next time before posting.

Also check this two next threads, since its a thread all on converters and how they work on each system.

As to answer you questions Dragonfall, most (if not all) PS2 to PS3 USB adapters work for PC/Mac since they work on generic HID drivers. I Tested out quite a few adapters, and even the really cheap adapters on Deal Extreme works on PS3 (as long as they also do not contain Jail breaking devices).


Alright, thanks for the help!