PS2 to PS3 Adapters...

I came across a source (I do not recall exactly where) that stated many of the adapters out there now do not quite compare to the InPin Play PS2 to PS3 adapter. That most of the generic devices, including the unit released by Pelican, often suffer from some sort of noticeable lag and that the best one out there is supposed to be this device by InPin.

I currently use the adapter by Pelican and I like it mostly because of the on board PS button and LED indicator that tells you which port you are connected to. The generics (units I find on eBay) do not have these features and often require an additional driver disk to swap out or install software to use.

I do notice some lag and jerky movements at times. I have been playing SF since it’s inception into arcades in '86 and I cannot believe my movements suddenly turned to shi* overnight simply by playing SFIV. For all I know, the lag may be from PSN. My question is simply which adapter do you “pros” recommend? Is the unit by InPin Play really all that better and worth the $30 USD price tag or have you even heard of it? The controller, I use my adapter with, is a MAS Systems Super ProStick (PS2 version) with a HAPP perfect 360 handle and competition pushbuttons.

I also have a PS2/DC MAS Systems stick and trust me that inPin converter drops inputs like no other. I bought the inPin for PS3 converter and the xconverter360 plus for the 360 thinking that my existing MAS stick will run “lag free” as advertised, but I was dead wrong.

The inPin for the PS3 drops inputs and you CANNOT play marvel vs capcom 2 with this converter…I cant even do simple combo series into supers or fast frame DHCs…wtf. When you test it it works (all buttons and motions), but when gametime and combo execution, you drop stuff easily. Ive talked to other marvel players and they have the exact same problems. This is not only PSN, but offline in training mode as well.

On the other hand the xconverterplus for the 360 is actually really good and I can do all my combos with ease and confidence…

Just dual mod your stick like what im about to do…makes life easier, but im going to pay someone to do it for me.

my inpin work fine with my mas stick. my mas has an old school P360. also works with my yellow namco.