Ps2 to Ps3 Converter help "YES I read the original Thread"

I did read the thread on the converters, and it hasn’t helped me.

I own the Dragon Plus V2, Absolutely garbage, will drop inputs when multiple buttons are pressed. IE: Cannot Roman Cancel a Gunflame, THIS IS BLASPHEMOUS in itself.

However it works flawlessly on a PC, go figure.

I found this today, So I’m wondering if anyone has tried it. Since I cannot find the Pelican converter anywhere…

This will be used for an HRAP.

Any other converter recommendations appreciated.

i’d just buy an inpin

Dont buy the TAC adaptor

I had two of them for my namco sticks and the adapter doesn’t work after the last PS3 2.7?? update. Makes the system hang.:wow::lame:

Here is what TAC tech support said regarding the issue.

Thank you for your inquiry. We have received numerous report on this particular issue (PS3 Version 2.70 firmware and PS2/PS3 Adapter on GP mode)and is looking into it to see if this is something that can be solved. We don’t have any solution at this point. Once we have the solution, if any, we will post it on our website.

Thank you

TAC Support

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