PS2 to PS3 converters

Has anyone bought any from dealextreme? Specifically, I’m looking at




Does anyone have any experience with these and arcade sticks? Specifically the HRAP.

i have the one that’s blue, goes for 5.90, has 2 ps slots and one usb port…

I’m sure most of them should be fine, but why not get more by having an extra slot for a 2nd player?

no I don’t have exp with sticks I dont even own one :slight_smile:

Check out the converter thread for suggested converters:

No, no, no. 99% of the converters out there drop inputs and/or lag.

This is why our Tech Talk subforum trumpets to the skies every time they find a new one that actually works well. The thread that Starcade linked begins begins clearly listing the top choices within its first 70 lines.

Having your controls not work perfectly might be all cool and fine for casual enjoyment, but most competitive players expect that level of perfection from their equipment.

if you want lagless, find yourself a pelican adaptor.

It’s generally accepted that the best PS2 to PS3 converter is the inPin Play Converter. Virtually no input lag or dropped inputs. I have one for my HRAP2 and I love it.

I’ve been using an InPin for a few months now and have no complaints at all.