Ps2 to ps3 stick conversion

I’ve got access to a ps2 stick and I was wondering what I would need to turn it into a ps3 stick, if anyone could lead in the right direction it would be very appreciated.

I highly recommend the iNpiN PS2 to PS3 converter:
It also allows you to use it on PC too! :wink:

Wow I never even thought about that thanks a ton, I’m definitely going that way.

If your PS2 arcade stick’s original PCB ever breaks or goes to short circuit heaven, consider a replacement PCB.

They’re not that hard to install and a number of them don’t require any soldering for installation.

This guy’s replacement PCB’s are among the best and most reliable on the joystick modding market.

Plus he’s based in the US!

** The MC Cthulu is a bit more involved with the requirement for soldering to get multi-console support but for $5 extra for the PCB you get backwards compatibility with around a dozen systems in addition to the PlayStation family (PS1-PS3 all supported).

What really makes the MC Cthulu and similar multi-console PCB’s more expensive is the extra hardware you have to buy. You can’t run multi-console PCB’s off of a simple USB jack. You have to get something like a DB-15 port or RJ-45 jack and buy the individual system controller/extension cords and mod those cables to interface with the RJ-45/DB-15/whatever interface you choose to use for multi-system cables.

These are things to consider if you ever contemplate replacing your stick PCB. Good thing about the multi-console PCB mods is that there’s plenty of documentation and guides for installation and creating compatible system cords for them!

If you’re only planning to use the old PS2 stick with the PS3, stick to the converter cable eperelez recommended. It’s cheaper and smarter than gutting an otherwise useable joystick with a working PCB. That inPin cable is probably the most stable and reliable PS2-to-PS3 converter cord on the market. It also has a Home button installed in it that you can use. Believe me, you’ll get to appreciate that Home button when you use PS2 joysticks on PS3’s long enough!

Well it turns out the stick is needs to be gutted, lol. I’m going to repaint vinyl the whole nine yards. I’m gonna get the Cthulu board I think, but my biggest issue is I want to put leds inside of the actual box. I work for a sign complany so I can do everybit of this stick myself proffessionally the only problem is I have 12v LED modules. From what i’ve read only 5v comes from a USB cable. It doesn’t seem to me they make 5v led’s big enough to do that with. I’m actually going to attach marbles to the side of it and I want the light to shine through that as well.

what kind of ps2 pcb are you getting rid of?

It’s a Hori Tekken 5 stick so whatever came in that. The buttons were saudered on along with the joystick, but the board was shot which was why i had to gut it. I also meant to ask if anyone knew anything about how to get 12v led’s to work in that situation.

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