Ps2 to usb for vista

I’ve got a ps2 to usb converter that I use for mame on my windows xp machine… but I was looking at laptops at best buy and all they had was Vista on their machines and the guy said if I tried to install xp on one of the laptops then it would never run at optimal performance.

Now my question is would the converter still work on a Vista machine?

Maybe if I didn’t start that thread I wouldn’t care so much but seriously how many times do I have to do this…

Hey Tim. Your PS2 to USB should work on your Vista computer. I -hate- Vista with a passion, and even though they say that the computers built with Vista would run optimized with Vista, I believe it is a load of shit.

Tim since you’re a lazy bastard, here’s the post to prove that if you need another converter if your setup doesn’t work, I quote:

I strongly do not recommend getting Vista. You can find a pretty good laptop on TigerDirect with Media Center Edition. It’s the same as XP, but way better.

Edit: Hit me up on MSN, bro. =)

I’m guessing it would, if your adapter is anything like the Radioshack one, then it is just a generic USB device that requires no software to run and thus would function well.

My question is why Vista?! XP > Vista

New dell laptops for one are still sold with the option for XP(might have to look extra hard for it however).

it definitely works with ps2>ps3 pelican converter.

I have a ps2 -> usb converter. And it works on my vista.