PS2 to XB1 Adapter $29.99 X-Arcade


X-Arcade has been using the Xtokki adapter to handle.their PS2-XBox360 abd now they have a PS2-XB1 adapter. Unknown specifications on lag or home button.
SF5 listed a playable xb1 title in their description hopefully.doesn’t foreshadow their QA on the adapter’s performance.


One user on TYM reported that it was laggy, I have been using it with KI for a week now, no issues for me. There’s a home button and the converter is very similar to the Xtokki.



This one doesn’t have a home button on the converter, if you’re using a stick or a controller that doesn’t have the analog button, you’re screwed.


I’m wondering, if you cracked one of these things open, can it be used for a dualmod setup?


Unlikely. Not at least by it self.

I would not bother getting it, for all we know down the road a firmware update will disable compatibility with this adapter.