PS2 to XBOX-360 converter headache! HELLPPPPPPP

Ok, so I went ahead and got 2 of these converters :

Here’s the problem, it seems to me I can only use one at a time on my xbox 360. When I try to plug both in, both the wired 360 controllers (you must use) shows up as both controller 1.
Im so trying to get some 2 player SF4 using PS2 pads on my 360 but it seems I can’t.
Any ideas?


you’ll just have to duel mod your controllers i guess


errr… huhhh?

did u tried to turn off the x360,plug in the adaptor/x360 wired controller, and then turn on? i heave 2 ps2>x360 adapters and they work just fine

Yeh tried that too. Here’s da deal. I also have another converter, some green one called the sniper which allows you to use keyboard n mouse as well.
I can use this together with one of the other converters and get 2 player SF4 going.

The problem is, I can’t use 2 of the same convereters that I bought. I wanna use them cause there is no lag when using that model, however the other green shitty convereter has noticeable, game ruining lag.

Huh. That’s new.

Try starting up the 360 with the wired controllers plugged in (so they get assigned different player #s), then unplug them and plug them into the converters.