Ps2 to xbox 360 converter multitap


hi ! i got one question : could u use a ps2 multitap together with a ps2 to xbox 360 converter ? basically something like this : converter to xbox, wired xbox controller to converter, ps2 multitap to converter, 1 or 2 or ps2 controllers to multitap ??! thanks


Probably not. The multitap was not only for PSX (despite being labeled for PS2, but check the disclaimer on the official sony website: PS2? Multitap | Accessories | PlayStation®2 Systems -, meaning you wouldn’t get any analog signals (which is fine for most stick purposes, though), but the software of the PSX disc had to support the multitap in order for it to be used, which I highly doubt any xbox 360 converters have said software.


That’s too bad, it would’ve been really nice to use a multitap instead of another converter…thanx !