PS2 to Xbox 360

Yo was wondering if anybody knows where to get a PS2 to xbox360 converter since

the anniversary collection is 360 compatible now. Thanks

There is a device called the XFPS 360 that allows first-party (and only first-party) PS2 controllers to be used with the Xbox 360. I don’t know if the device is any good, and you have to have a 360 controller hooked up to the XFPS 360 for it to work. You’re probably better off finding a DOA4 stick or getting a custom stick built.

What’s the point of this?

The point of that was 1) There’s already a thread about it that was on the front page, and 2) It answers your question. The XFPS 360 would work if you’re trying to use a first party PSX or PS2 controller so long as you also have a wired 360 controller.