Ps2 to xbox converter?


hey guys I’m pretty bummed that the ps360+ doesn’t have xbox compatibility…would i maybe be able to use a ps2 to xbox converter?


You’ve been here long enough to know there’s a thread for that.


I’ve asked questions in the nooobie thread and they went unanswered.


Why don’t you skip the bullshit… Get the paewang.

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Usually, As I’ve learned from experience, If its gone unanswered, its cuz the answer is out there already, or they really dont have an answer.

and he’s asking about xbox1 compat, not 360, since the PS360+ already has 360 support.

but in general - these things usually work with converters.


yeah, sorry. i mean, i could do a xthulhu n 360pcb, but that with imp is more than the ps360. hmm… like, in my head using ps2-> xbox converter (if there is one, or if simple to mod) would work. but I’m not sure. thanks