PS2 to Xbox360 Converter

Does such a converter exist? I tried using my Elecom USB adapters that work with my PS2 Soul Calibur stick on PS3 for Tekken DR and VF5 on my friend’s X360 but with no luck.

Any help is appreciated.

This only known converter i think for the 360 allows you to use ps2.

If a USB device does not have the Microsoft license code in its hardware, it will not work on the Xbox 360 (in terms of using it as a controller). That’s why the VSHG and PS2 Soul Calibur stick did not work–they don’t have the license code, so the Xbox 360 ignores them.

The converter DH020 linked to works because you have to plug a licensed 360 controller into the adapter along with your PS2 pad. That’s how it circumvents Microsoft’s license code security. I haven’t read any impressions regarding the adapter’s effectiveness.