PS2-USB for vista

Does it exist? a PS2 controller with a usb end for my laptop that works with vista. Or device that i can plug in my ps2 controller and attach that into my comp that works with vista. when i looked for these things it never says it supports vista.


try the Pelican Adapter, that will solve all your problems.

how will this help? this is ps2 to ps3. i need a ps2-USB for vista. Or am i looking at the wrong pelican adaptor


The PS3 uses standards compliant USB… so any PS2->PS3 converter will also work on the PC… However, the Pelican Adaptors are possibly the WORST adaptors for the PC I have seen…

Let me explain why… On the Pelican Adaptor, the left analogue stick and the D-pad are tied together, they are not seperate. This of course means, if you are playing a computer based RPG like The Longest Journey 2 or Final Fantasy XI, you will have problems… as those types of games require the D-Pad and the Left Analogue stick to serve seperate functions. I’m sure you’ve played a lot of PS2 games where it works the same way. With the Pelican adaptor, thats just the way it is, they both serve as the same function… directionals.

With any other shitty PC adaptor that you can even buy at places like Radioshack, the Left Analogue stick and the D-Pad are independant of each other. Usually, the D-Pad stands in as your directionals, and the Left Analogue stands in as your POV Hat. If you’re looking to do anything on your PC besides fighting games… get a different converter.

i was only planning on using it for 3rd strike but you bring up a good point. Can you direct me to a couple names so i can see if itll be at circuit city or whatever.

I bought this one awhile back. Works like a charm on the ps3 has a lil button on side for the ‘home’ button that works wonders meaning you dont have to do some ghetto change controllers in you plug it in tap the button once lights flash and go off and ps3 auto puts you in 2p or 1p spot based on who pluged theres in first etc. works on PC wonders to 3s GGPO. This converter is digital meaning PCs will pick it up and install drivers instantly Works wonders with my HRAP 2 SA i bought and worked wonders with my old T5 stick. I dont get any lag albiet this converter is not well known id def rocommend it :tup:

Esjihn… thats the REAL Converter… and it has the same problem as the Pelican converter on PCs… actually, on PCs, the REAL Converter is said to have 1 frame input delay.

As I said… just get a Radioshack converter… or this…

look in the converter thread

As I said…I havent had any problem on my PC (and others it has been tested on XP, XP PRO 64 and Vista 32/64) as stated in my post. and as far as the 1 frame lag? must be a myth because i havent noticed it. In any game that ive ever played Tekken 5DR, Big Bang BEat, GGAC, 3s, MVC2, Melty Blood, VF5, etc I go off what ive tested personally not based on what other people say.

As far as if he gets a different converter and cant seperate the dpad from the pov then he just needs to get JoytoKey or any other simple program that will seperate the inputs by mapping them to ‘keyboard’ buttons or go with your advice and get a radioshack generic. w/e its up to him

The Pelican converter and the Radio Shack converters both worked for me in FFXI in windows XP, though I haven’t tried them with vista.

The Pelican converter works on Vista. I have it and it works great.

I got this yesterday and it says Vista supported right on the packaging and it’s way cheap. Also recommended in the Converter thread also found here :tup:

Zoog and Grog… I never said it doesnt work on Vista… it works on Vista…

The problem is that there is no POV hat on the Pelican converter. With the Pelican converter, hitting the d-pad uses the directionals, and hitting the analog stick uses the directionals. Not even JoytoKey can fix this, because the d-pad and the analog stick are not split… if you map one, you automatically map the other… the whole problem is that they are NOT seperate.

You cant see this problem if you only play fighting games on your PC. We’ve tried multiple Pelican converters on multiple PCs (now that I think about it, they were all Vista), and they all have this same problem.

will this work fine?

just get the converter that jaxel recommended OR go get the pelican/real. Download JoytoKEY Map inputs to keyboard.

Jaxel is incorrect about it cant be seen if you only play fighting games. IF you use a pelican or a digital converter like REAL where the POV is mapped the same in a game like Melty Blood BUT only when running through MB Caster the stick WILL NOT WORK unless you map the game to your key board then get joytoKey and map the POV switches to the arrows or buttons on the keyboard. Just That simple. In fact the same thing happens in Big Bang Beat v1.06 you MUST have JoyToKey to assign the POV differently. other wise you load up the game and your buttons work but your stick doesnt. -out

We play Melty Blood and Big Bang Beat with Pelican converters… no need for JoytoKey if you are playing a fighting game…

No no no, I wasn’t responding to you more than me just making a comment.

I said what happens with the REAL converter not the pelican. and as for MB i said only while using MBCaster. (online play)


EDIT: i meant the REAL Converter only not the pelican

This converter works wonders on the PC with a PS2 controller.