PS2 version Yang?

Is it just me, or does he have less options because his moves don’t seem to stun as long… or am I just a fucktard? But there’s definitely something different about stun that I noticed.

this is why kofiend doesn’t play yang on console.

it is 100% true

i wonder the specifics now…

Why did capcom do this?

capcom does a lot like that…

same here :frowning:

its sooo bad…i feel like something is holding me back and yet im doing the combos perfectly…its annoying to play

Is there any proof of this?

None needed. I only started recently to play Yang and I notice it. If you don’t notice, you obviously don’t pay much attention to your Yang.

I haven’t played 3s on arcade before, that’s why i asked for proof.

Are you talking about hitstun, or are you talking about how his moves do less stun damage. As in not filling up the stunbar as quickly in the arcade version. What I noticed was his moves doing less stun.

edit blah

Like Akuma :sad:

when i picked up yang i hadn’t even been to an arcade yet…so when i tried him on arcade it just seemed like he was better. i could never put my finger on the exact differences though; at first i thought it was hitstun length, later i thought it was damage/stun, but still later i decided there were no differences…because i couldn’t come up with concrete proof.

if someone has such proof, please post it so i stop wondering.

lol i guess im not the only one who just cant seem to put the finger on it lol

idk its just SOMETHING feels weird about the ps2 version where as in arcade yang is just RIGHT lol

i BELIEVE its the damage which in turn affects the amount of stun givin which could explain the weirdness when trying to pull of his combos…they just dont do as much and we feel it

Exactly like Akuma…

Akuma is different in the arcade version?

no, but since yang gives him less stun, he’s harder to fight on console.

It would be interesting if someone could come up with some numbers for this :slight_smile: .

One comment: would Akuma really be harder for Yang on console? Akuma himself is weaker because of the f+mp not beating throws, and that should be more of a handicap than Yang doing slightly less stun shouldnt it?

I noticed that arcade Yang is easier to land lk into ex slashes for some reason. That’s pretty much all I’ve noticed. I mainly play SAIII though so I don’t usually go EX slash crazy so I haven’t noticed the stun changing on me.

i think that he does more stun on the arcade me and my friend saw it an it fuck me up at a console tournament here in the chi i saw this during a match with remy in the arcade a mk ex slashes and a s,s slashes damn near stun the mother fucker in arcade but in console u need to do a like a fierce or a normal slash so yeah its hard to play yang with on console especially with retarded stun gauges like alex,chun, and ect that is just what i notice