Ps2 VGA cables?

where can i get em?

use with a computer monitor

reccomendations please… i know alot of them are out of print

you can’t. sony never made one since the ps2 does not display that natively in vga. you need converters in order to do so. xrgb+2 or 3 or your hori upscanner 2 will do that for you.

Maybe you need Xploder + Xploder VGA

Or if your monitor have Sync on Green you can build your own cable.

Click here to check, maybe your monitor is supported.

Click here to know how to build the cable

I hope to help u =)

i’m looking for a product, i don’t feel comfortable enough building my own

what is xploder? just the component to vga?

just make sure before you buy, try to read a review of said product, some have horrible lag, making them useless for video games (esp fighting games)
this one is specifically for video games…just keep in mind these usually run for at least 50-60 bucks.

thats for ps3… and i dont have RGB i have red white yellow component cables

Says its universal and those are component cables, not RGB. Also what you are refering to are composite/rca cables. Not really familiar with the product so I can’t say anything personally, but from these pictures of the box it appears all you would need is a audio jack and a vga cable (assuming you have a monitor and sound system of course)

yep, it’s to be used in a vga arcade cabinet.

Sony actually have their own official VGA cable, though intended for use with the Linux kit it will also work for games under the following caveats; Your monitor has to support sync-on-green, and the game you want to play has to support progressive scan or your monitor has to support 15.1 KHz horizontal scan frequency. Either way it’d likely involve some work, if you’re looking for a plug ‘n’ play solution an upscanner is the way to go. If money is not a concern the best you can get will likely be a Micomsoft XRGB-2+ at around $200 USD but they’re not so easy to get ahold of outside of Japan.

200 bucks?

that component to vga adapter is only 50, which i think is a lot of money

you can use it for the ps2, just get some component cables for them.

the link that phantamsk provided stated that it might not have as good quality as the
XRGB-2, but that it’s still good…

about 140 bucks cheaper than XRGB-2, but i personally haven’t used them i’d do a little research

it will be for vf4: evo and GG xx: AC

it shouldn’t matter the game unless you go the sony official vga cable route,

with a composite to vga like the xrgb’s upscalers or the uh, other one, game selection should not be a problem

with the xrgb, you can email these guys ( and they’ll answer your questions, like possible compatability issues with your monitor and stuff

personally I have used the XRGB2+ and DVDO Iscan 2 plus device and they both work.

I got them both on ebay, xrgb2+ for like 130, and the DVDO for like 30. Using that you can plug it into a regular computer monitor and it’ll work. However if you try to use a progressive scan mode from the game it won’t work (I tried it with Suikoden Tactics, and CCC2). But since the device you bought already does that there is no need to double deinterlace it anyway.

anyone know if these work well?

i read a review and it says it sucks.

The only things i am going to be using this for really is to play guilty gear… i assume GG isnt some 480p game so it should be fine if i use this type of thing?

anything cheaper than the xrgb that doesnt lag?

Do the other products mentioned in this thread lag?

Actually Guilty Gear is one of the few games that actually do support 480p on the ps2. Although i am not sure about Accent Core, as i do not own it, but every other version has, so i assume it will.

too bad shodokan. sold my hori upscanner 2+ to albert. we tested it out on one of his cabs and it came out perfect.

< sad panda… i cant find anything good to support GG

would this work?