PS2 Video

My friend has a 26’ HDTV the PS2 in Component work nice…but a Game I was playing Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 when I selet a game the TV blanked out & said “unsupported mode”, it’s on 480i but not working…any help on this

do other games work? where any settings changed? like component settings being at rgb or YPbPy?

Yes, games do work

Some don’t…I don’t know his TV setting…I was looking but can’t find it

Hmmm sounds a bit like your HDTV does not like the old standard def games, such as 16-bit Fatal fury titles.

Any way can you switch the tv to display standard/old def like a regular tv? If so you could play the game like that hopefully and not bother with whatever issue the tv is having.

when I go in 4:3 mode it still says that…AV mode on his TV is fine for that game