Ps2 -> Xbox 360 converter cord

Anyone know where I might start looking for ps2 to XB360 converter cord. If they exist. Lemme know.

this is the only one but it’s very expensive and lags. close thread!

lol you should have just said good ones dont exist. i own that pos. its the worst converter you will ever see.

On top of the negative feedback that it (apparently) deserves, you also need a wired 360 controller in order to even get the converter to be recognized by your 360. It’s definitely not worth it. What you could opt for is making a 360 Project Box for your stick (controller?), but I’m unsure of how good your solder-fu is and if you’re willing to mod your stick (controller?) with a D-sub cable.

dammit I said close thread!

This is what I heard from the forum and here is the link Hope this will help. :slight_smile:

bullshit. you get 6-8 frames of lag instantly. NOW CLOSE THE THREAD.

Can you support this instead of just opposing others’ statements?

thread needs to be closed because their is a GINORMOUS CONVERTER THREAD ALREADY.


Sure, but having to dig through hundreds of pages for relevant discussion on ps2->360 is way tedious. After 20 pages I gave up looking for the posts that were made in defense of this converter having no lag. It’s interesting because there are opposing views, yet none of them seem to make a definitive argument. I figure the high price point of 90$ would make anyone think twice on taking the risk just to see what is really up.

No, actually the way it works is, you find the converter your looking for on Page 1, then post your question about it on the thread. You’ll get an answer there.

we cant have ? number of threads about converters when we have ONE dedicated to it. Cool?:wgrin:

i can support my comment by me owning it and using the shitty thing on ggpo as well as my 360. its a horrible converter. END OF STORY.

well using an online netplay thingey to test for converter lag isn’t the greatest way to support an argument

but we all know that the converter is just crap.

I guess it’s pretty much established that this converter sucks. Does it actually lag with a normal Sony PS2 controller? That’s sad if it does.

Well I have the xfps 3.0 connected to an OEM 360 wired controller and my ps1 dual shock pcb stick to my xbox360 with no noticeable lag on my end. It may be only 1 frame- but that’s even debateable. Seriously- maybe I just got lucky. Got mine from play asia. I haven’t used it on ggpo, but that’s not what it is for. I have a different converter for that. I also have a magicbox for regular xbox and I have to say that this is better than that. Just my 2 C/

Help me!

I just received my XFPS Sniper 3.0 plus the other day and it works fine for mouse and keyboard. It also works great with PSX/PS2 controllers EXCEPT whenever I press left on d-pad and a button it lags the input (move doesnt happen or happens a split second later) and then the left direction is stuck and will continue unless I press something after.

I tested this with VF5:Online and whenever I tried to do a backhand with El Blaze standing on 1P side he would get stuck and continue to walk backwards until I press something. This did not happen at all on the 2P side. And I can perform any moves with virtually no lag as long as left on the d-pad is not involved.

I tested this with a PS2 dualshock, and 2 different PSX fighting sticks. Its definately the XFPS. If you don’t have this problem then its probably just mine and I need to return it. Let me know. Thanks

what a fucking expensive piece of shit that was. I get stuck when I press Down and X and run to the left sometimes out of nowhere.FUCK!!! god damn it. :annoy:

To help people out i can confirm that i have had the exact same issue. I have one of the early models (green colored) B/C i own arcade sticks and play fighters on 360 so i jumped on it. Bought from…unfortunately i jumped on it too soon. If you look up Alexlexus on youtube he is using a Bannana Colored one and it seems to work flawless With X-Arcade and Ps2 Pad. But everytime i hook it up with my mas stick i get crazy stuff going. For example it runs fine for a minute then you get crazy stuff going on, lag…buttons responding on their own (probably even more lag) and inputs going silly. Same with ps2 pad…the Converter Blah Blah thread states that its lagless unless you have a Digital Input only Pcb. We’ll i have a brand new mas stick…so i guess that means i should try to use that Analog Button on My Mas stick!!! Anyways i have to agree with James123 and state that it sucks unless you have the setup the guy has on the youtube which isn’t something i will pay another 100bucks to try out unless i see something definite. Im having enough trouble waiting for my sanwa parts from And Madcatz, AKA Catz is Mad for buying the SE POS…but will maybe be happy once i get my parts to swap out. GG :arazz: