Ps2/xbox on PC CRT

i have a tuner card and it has a composite video in [white/red/yellow wire] i got a program called Home Cinema, it works and i dont feel theres any lag but quAlity is quite pixelated !
anyone know/use any other programs? (1).JPG

kinda blurry/pixellated [not sharp]

Looks like your card is taking in the video at standard definition and scaling it up onto your computer screen. Standard def video is very low quality.

Are your consoles hooked up with s-video or the red/yellow/white cables?

There’s no lag?!?!?!? I need to use that, then.

It won’t get much better than that until you feed your monitor a better signal (S-video/RGB/VGA/DVI). To show how long I’ve been lurking on this forum, I remember a guy hacking a PS2 SCPH-10130 cable into a make shift vga/PS2 linux cable (I own one). Also, the xbox vga cable walk troughs are online and xbox360 vga cables are available retail/ebay.

StEp yO’ gAme uP:sweat:

Last time I used composite was on my VCR!!:rofl:

THANKS for the response guys, im just using the Red white yellow cable inputs there is an S video input but i wasnt aware that ps2 had such cabels?

Hey, here’s a previous post of mine that might be of interest:

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I thought I should mention this as I’ve been looking up stuff on getting a ps2 to run on a vga monitor. Please note that this has not yet been tested by myself, so if you’re in the know and see any glaring oversights or mistakes in this please let me know.

Anyway, with a simple cable as constructed here:
(note: it’s the first cable without the added chip)

…you can hook up your ps2 to directly to a Sync on Green monitor. Note that you can only play 480p games (check for what games are 480p) on it though, which sucks, but they will be top quality with no lag on a crt. Add a dreamcast with a vga box and a computer with Mame and such and you’re set for lag free gaming with premier picture quality.

As to what monitors are Sync on green, here’s a list:

Most of the trinitron monitors are sog. The absolute best monitor for this would be this one:

I’d love to get that one, but it’s a bit pricey, the 21 and 19 trinitrons are really affordable now though.

Anyway, this is the route I’m probably gonna go for a little cab I’m making. I decided I couldn’t deal with the lag of an lcd (upscaling or response time lag) but I wanted to be able to get decent quality, so I ditched the plain old TV idea too.

Bad thing about this is that the ps2 3s is not 480p, so it won’t work on this setup. You could always emulate though. Mvc2 is covered on the DC or on nulldc, CvS2 too, and the Alpha Anthology is 480p on the ps2, so those all would work great. IIRC most of the kof games are 480p on the ps2 as well.