PS2/XBOX Wireless Ultimate Fighting Stick

Is this an ok stick for modding.What I was thinkin was that I’ll replace the stick knob with a bubbly knob(Is it Sanwa that does those?).I’m still learning a lot things at the same time. Anyway, can someone put their 2 cents in this?It’ll be much appreciated.

It might be
If you take a picture of the inside we can tell you

Chances are you cant. but you never know, post a picture
(its Seimitsu not sanwa)

read this

thanks I’ll check that out when I get off a work tonight. I’ll be getttin my hands on the stick soon and post some pics.

There is some info here :

I’ve had one of these myself. The ground wire for the buttons is a thin bare wire with no room to move so you will most likely have to rewire it. Sanwa OBSF’s will fit right in there, as well as a Sanwa JLF (but it only has two screw holes to mount the stick with).

The stick itself is a cheap knock-off of the Saulabi sticks :

So the stock stick feels similar to a Fanta (not as good as the real thing of course) and the buttons are complete crap. If you are going to stick with the stock buttons take the springs out of them and they feel a lot better.

Almost done modding…

Ummm, I’m new to stick modding and things, but I was able to almost mod this stick. I put some Sanwa OBSF’s and resodder them in and they work great. So far I have been able to put a JLF in there(Removed those off center plastic nubs and drilled a hole and bolted in the mounting pate and stick). But I’m not sure how to hook the stick in. I’ve got the 5pin JLF, and I’m not sure how to ground it and make sure everything lines up. I really don’t want to blow anything.
In short I’m in need of a little guidance here >.>

I’m not too sure but I’ve put this project on hold until I get my money straight. I’m actually about to start another because I gotta namco mod from paik4life (he usually posts in tech talk)w/ sanwa knob n’ butttons, and was thinkin of switchin out the sanwa knob for Happ Competition cuz I one.

There isn’t enough room in a Namco case to put a Happ Competition.

Well, Umma make some room damn it! IDK whats wrong with me today, I keep forgettin words n’ shit in my sentences.


Phew. I just got this stick modded and everything. Works pretty good, but it was hard getting the stick in. Buttons weren’t hard.
I wouldn’t recommend modding it, but its pretty awesome having a stick that is wireless and works on ps2/xbox.
I’ll post some pics later.

I had the stick for about a week and returned it.

The wireless went bad.

I just liked the analog balls(I guess you would call them)?