Ps3 1.80 firmware = HRAP3 working on ps2 games!

I just updated to firmware 1.80 on my PS3 and low and behold, my HRAP3 works on ps2 games!! I tested tekken 5 and SFAC and they both work flawlessly!

Nice! I just updated but didn’t test anything other than the upscaling for DVDs. That’s all I really care about. I guess I should have tested DR with the VSHG and see if they fixed those issues. Meh, I’ll do it tomorrow.


I’m not sure if it’s just me… now VSHG can’t work with ps2 games :frowning:

well, after playing for an hour or so its not perfect. for some reason, if left alone, random inputs will happen. I read researching something on the internet and left tekken 5 idling and practice mode, and my char jumped by it self and then the game paused by itself a little while later. I haven’t experienced random inputs while actively controlling the character.

Also, sometimes the home button wouldn’t work on the HRAP3, and I had to use the home button on the sixaxis. little annoying but whatever.

A side note, while playing tekken 5, I wasn’t able to pull off isw combos with king, did they make it easier to do them in DR? I can do them all day in DR. I don’t think its lag because everything else “feels” right. Before DR, I was able to pull them off all day in tekken 5. Weird.

I hope there is some other stuff that works better.

EDIT: That was me that repped you guys.

Hey guys. Was playing CvS2 with both the HRAP3 and HRAP2. HRAP3 does indeed work…but… now both sticks are lagging! I’m not sure what going on. I tired turning the upscaling on and off to see if that was causing the ps2 game to run slower but it still lagged. Does anyone else notice any lag?

There have been similar reports over on - 1.8 update breaks vshg compatibility with ps2 games.

That really pisses me off. Yesterday I just got MVC2 in the mail and was happily playing it with my VSHG. Later that night I get the FW update. Today I go to play, lo and behold, “Press the PS button” :arazz:.

I guess it could be worse. My HRAP3 is on it’s way in the mail…

But seriously, why remove BC with VSHG? 1.9 had better fix things for good…