PS3, 360, and this Monitor

I’m looking to buy a monitor to play my consoles on since my TV is proving to be far too big for fighting games. It makes me dizzy for some reason. Anyway, I found this on Amazon and was wondering what this whole HDMI to DVI and HDCP business was. On the specs it has DVI and VGA listed but I’m not quite knowledgeable in all of this hooey.

My question is, do I simply just buy an HDMI to DVI cable and plug it into that monitor or is it more complicated than that?

This should work.
They have shorter ones too.

Many monitors now have standard HDMI connectors.
HDCP is more a worry with movies than they are with games.

Any ways DVI is (in part) the basis to HDMI and carries some of the same signals (Video signal)
So a HDMI to DVI cable is a solution if your monitor lacks HDMI

Here is another DVI to HDMI listing

I prefer mono price when it comes to various cables.

Is there a difference between using DVI and VGA? I’m using VGA right now on my 360 and it looks like crap.

VGA is analog and DVI is digital. There will be a slight increase in quality but console games are still low resolution.