PS3 / 360 - SF4 System lag. What is the definitive answer?


Answer is HERE

Justin Wong’s quote about the difference:

“JWonggg Answer
There is input lag timing between the 2. I personally play on xbox and the fact that PS3 lags alot affects my gameplay a bit. I miss combos I usually never miss but you?ll adjust to it sooner or later.” LINK. - Credit to DemonLos for finding that quote.

Original Question:

I’ve seen posts talking about system lag differences between the two consoles, however never anything definitive. Maybe I missed the post where it was detailed. Can anyone elaborate on this?

West Coast War Zone 2 player noticing a difference with the 360

shinshoryuken’s post about the differences, but he never followed up with or posted the additional tests

This is not a war about what system is better! I think it would benefit everyone to know this information, especially if they are sensitive to lag. Thanks!

Is the PS3 input lag back?
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I’m no expert or anything, but I’m really, really doubting that a difference like this exists. I could very well be wrong, but if this were an issue, it seems to be it’d be far more widespread and known by now. As it is, I’ve only seen or heard of this once or twice from people, and there’s never anything conclusive to back it up.


Just stay way from the drive in and secret lab stage on the 360 and everything should be fine. The drive in is notorious for slow downs mostly during ultras, ken and sagat seem to cause it most often. Aside from that the only other reasonable explanation is tv lag, converter lag or a dieing console.


So which one is suppose to be the one that’s lagging? langrisser seems to think it’s the 360s hardware .

How do we test this?


I wouldn’t worry about it too much honestly. Even the arcade version lags sometimes in ultra animations.


I know that if you switch games and leave your ps3 on all the time and rarely reboot it, you can notice the difference. Simple solution is to reboot your ps3 before playing sf4.


I’m not talking about stage lag. I’m talking about inherent system lag which comes in the form of consistent 1 frame or more lag when inputting commands. Almost like input lag but this comes from the system and not the display.


There is *some *difference.

I always have to readjust going from PS3 to 360. I don’t know enough to pinpoint the difference, but it’s there.


I’ve heard from a friend of mine about that but like drunkninja said, it would be widespread and known already. If there truly was a difference between both consoles they would’ve never released it on both consoles to begin with. It has to be an issue with the display but then again, that is just my opinion.


It has been discuss for almost a year now but never anything definitive has come out of it. Shinshoryuken was supposed to post the test results but never did.


The result is the ps3 has** 1 frame of input lag compare **to the xbox 360 version. I’m not talking about speed difference.
Using the 60fps method
using identical sticks (TE sticks) and various other sticks
using a real deal Vewlix F arcade cabinet

This is the same cabinet that the Japanese plays on in there arcades and SBO.

xbox 360 version is superior if its played on a Vewlix F cabinet.

The reason that 360 version seems faster than the PS3 is because of 1 less frame of input lag, so its more responsive which makes it feel faster.

xbox 360 version looks better and play exactly like the type x2 arcade board.

Vewlix F + SF4 type X2 board = Vewlix F + SF4 xbox360 in game play…this is replicating what the Japanese plays on.
I’ve tested the type X2 board!!**

Any other type of LCD cabinet can lag and some CRT cabinet can lag due to the control(jvs I/O control to convert to jamma)

So this is the definitive monitor, more so than the asus evo monitor in terms of having the most accurate test results.

non bias opinion.

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He lives!! Thank you Shinsho

Those not familiar with the 60fps method can find info here


so that means then that when a japanese comes to usa to play in a tourney on ps3 they are at a disadvantage? if this was really the case wouldn’t we change the american national standard to xbox? so annoying… and confusing…


They don’t use the 360 because of controller issues.

If you’ve ever seen 360’s used at a tournament where people are hot-swapping controllers on a regular basis you’ll understand.


Here you go:

It’s nothing to write home about. If a tournament uses a console that you don’t play on often, just play some casual matches to get used to the difference in the system speed.


no i understand the hot swapping thing. It does suck for sure i wish xbox could address that better.


If that’s the video that I’ve watched before (which I’m pretty sure it is), then it doesn’t deal with the issue of INPUT lag, which is by far more important than frame de-syncing or whatever they call it.


Man what the fuck. It sucks that a lot local tournies use xbox but for majors its ps3. I hope this will not be an issue in Super.


Hmm, interesting results…but yeah, if that’s the case, I can see how someone adjusted to PS3 so much could have problems on 360 and vice versa. But for reasons specified earlier, I don’t see 360 becoming a major tourney standard in the future.