PS3/4 TE2 Issues. Moisture bubbles, cheap Alan-key/Hex-Key screws and screwdriver

I bought a TE2 from the MadCatz UK online store as in the UK that’s the only place you could buy them at the time(I think that’s still the case), I was going to a few SFV events a few weeks ago, wanted a stick, really liked my original TE and TE S and thought “Well i’ll buy one eventually”.

First issue is it was £180 which converted for most of you here is around $270-280 this hurts but considering the normal TE retailed for £120-150 over here it was to be expected.

When it arrived it had air/moisture bubbles under the top plastic layer, they got more and more extreme too.
Video of them when they weren’t that bad
I was a bit miffed by this as when you spend that much you want it to arrive looking perfect… (On a side-note the packaging for the TE2 is cheap and shoddy compared to the TE1)

When I went to the London SFV event the next day there were loads of the same TE2 model I own, each and every one of them had this same air/moisture bubble issue.

The other day this annoyed me enough that I popped out the alan-key screwdriver that came with the stick and to fix the bubbles as all it should have taken was lifting the sheet and putting it back down to fix. That’s when the serious issues happened.
The way its build the 2 corner screws near the hinges are very hard to access, one of these and one of the top screws had been mechanically tightened to such a degree that nothing I could do would loosen it. After carefully trying for a while it began to turn but no… The alan-key top of the screws had just given away totally and it was now just a circular hole.

I’m really gentle and careful not to ruin screws but these seemed to be made out of the cheapest softest metal, I checked a few of the ones that had been loose enough to remove and just doing that once with the provided alan-key screwdriver had been enough to visibly damage them a bit. I tried one more time to loosen the tight top-screw so i could at least lift the top sheet a bit to sort the bubbling issue and almost at the same time that screw died in the same way and the plastic of the screwdriver gave away meaning the metal rotates inside the plastic handle now.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve opened up my TE1 and TE S but they’re both perfect, nothing has needed to be replaced, all screws are fine. Its just made from better quality parts.

Other gripes ->

The top of the stick has too much flex and isn’t nearly as solid as previous TE Sticks

There’s no Mic port -(this actively harms online play… Chatting in lobbies can be fun and unless you’re dropping money on an expensive headset you now can’t communicate as there’s no official wireless headset)

I would have killed to have the turbo button support back during “Press Any Button”

Dude there is already a 25 page and still going thread on the topic.

The only new thing is that your striping the screws.

None of the new PS4 or Xbox One sticks have a Mic port. Say what you want but don’t expect features that are being left out this console gen.

I don’t see how that a issue

Fairplay, brain-fart I didn’t notice it and just posted this

That’s an incredibly poor justification there, Madcatz moving into the stick market was all about a quality product that didn’t just copy other brands but was built for the consumer. Also if everyone else is making a mistake its not your responsibility to copy it, I assume its just so they can sell more MadCatz expensive gamer headset things.


Pay more, get less, whilst I don’t use Turbo in fighting games I know a few casual people who do, its really useful for certain things like Shmups and a few friends found them useful for trials.

How is having or not having a Mic port is a mistake?

The Justification for not having a Mic is that Both Sony and Microsoft is not allowing it, period.
Mad Catz and Hori has no choice but to adhere to the will of the console makers.
The console makers got the rights to sign off what gets finalized in a 3rd party peripheral.
If you bother to notice this time around controllers are being handled alot differently than they were with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Sony is more on top of their game when it comes to authorizing 3rd party peripherals using lockout technology for the controllers modders have a hard time breaking.
None of the luxury we had with the toodle boards on the PS3.
The PS360+ PCB can only stay connected to the PS4 for 8 minuets at a time before being disconnected, then you are force to reset the controller.
Microsoft, who already make their 3rd party peripherals made the tech lockdown harder.

Look at every 3rd party controller for the PS4 and Xbox One, notice none of them is allowed a Mic Port. This is not a flaw, or a over looked by the stick makers. This is the current law of the land set by the big two.

As for Turbo, I am not sad to see that go. Arcade fight sticks are already niche market, and tournaments don’t allow for turbo.
And top tournament players who make it to the semifinals of big tournaments like Evo, notice they sticks they win with sell more afterwards.

I’m happy about no turbo.

I had no problems at all with my ref or rivals TE2, I think they’re beautiful.

Would’ve liked a touch pad, my only real complaint

At the time of development for the TE 2 touch pads were not allowed by Sony.
Sony since then changed their policy and Hori took advantage when they are designing their new sticks.
Mad Catz now would have to redesign the TE 2 to incorporate a touch pad
and the plastic injection molds themselves (to make new molds) are the most expensive part of the process.