PS3 720p Not Showing Full Picture


Is this a common problem with PS3’s or my Display?

I’m running a PS3 into a Samsung 2343BWX (link to newegg for specs if needed) monitor via HDMI->DVI and when the picture is 1080p everything shows up fine. When in 720p however (as in most games) It crops the left and right of the picture. This is what I would call a “Hard” crop, as in the PS3 outputs less than 1280 horizontal lines. I know this because when I have the “Image Size” option set to “auto” (i.e. native aspect ratio) you will see black bars, however when you set it to “wide” (display scaling) you will not, but the data is still missing. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

My instinct is that the PS3 is doing this as it seems to be just flat out outputting less lines than it should be, though if I’m wrong… I would love to see an example of a display outputting 720p that does not have this effect so I know what to replace this with (preferably one with low input lag as well).

In some games this actually interferes with the gameplay, so I can’t imagine this is by design.

Also, if it’s the cable that might be the problem, links to a known good working HDMI->DVI cable/adapter would be helpful as well.


I’ve seen wonky dvi-HDMI adapters before. Hard to say what the deal is. Out of curiosity, is the PS3 set for auto display (which will default to 1080, I believe) or did you manually set it to 720?


Set to auto, I manually set to 720p to demo what I’m talking about… in games it will set itself to 720p and the cropping will occur. Auto outputs at 1080p for the XMB and supporting games.


Does your monitor have some sort of “auto adjust” command? I’ve noticed some overscanning on my HP monitor before but the auto adjust corrects it for me.


It’s digital input… so the “adjustment” controls are unavailable. The only thing you can change is whether or not to stretch the image to the entire display or keep it native.


What you’re seeing is overscan. The article linked does a better job explaining why it’s done than I can. With 1080p you can get rid of overscan by having the picture going into 1:1/“exact fit” picture modes. The problem is that there are some TVs that force overscan on 720p feeds no matter what, even if the source isn’t broadcast TV (my friend’s Panasonic plasma does this, for instance). If you want to get rid of the problem, exchange the TV for one that doesn’t force overscan on 720p.

Consider yourself lucky you didn’t get a DLP, which overscans EVERYTHING - 720p, 1080i/p, even standard def 480i/p will get the edges cut off on a DLP TV.


Wouldn’t “overscan” be both vertical and horizontal though? Plus, this isn’t a “TV”… this is a LCD monitor. I’ve never heard of a standard computer monitor applying overscan on its own without some sort of GPU intervention.


Yes it would. That is definitely not overscan. It looks like it’s displaying it in 480i to me. You wouldn’t have to stretch 720p. It would already go to the edge of the screen.


Yeah, it’s definitely not 480i either. There are definitely 720 vertical lines, but the problem is it’s cutting off a good portion of the horizontal lines. Can anyone post a pic of their monitor in 720p where it’s NOT getting cut off so I can at least see that it DOES work so I know I’m not crazy?

EDIT: I’m about 98% sure this isn’t the monitor. I feel that the monitor is displaying whatever the PS3 is sending it.


Also… can anyone post a known good working HDMI -> DVI cable/adapter that does not show this issue?

Thisis the one I’m currently using.


I had this problem when I used my Samsung 906BW LCD monitor for my PS3. I never could figure out what caused it. 1080p displayed fine and looked great (but was squashed horizontally since this was a 16:10 monitor) but 720p was always cropped at the sides. I don’t know if there’s any way to be sure if its the HDMI-DVI adapter or not?


You say you never figured it out, does that mean it still happens? Have you been able to resolve it by switching monitors or cables?


So I just dropped about $20 on a few different cables/adapters and will try them out to see if it alleviates the issue. Worst case scenario I have to get a new monitor.

Again, can anyone out there show me monitors/displays hooked up to a PS3 that is not cropping the 720p images? That way I know what direction to look into if/when I have to get a new monitor?


The LG 32LS3400 doesn’t cut any off, but it’s a tv, rather than a monitor.


I’m seeing conflicting specs on that TV, can you verify whether it’s physically 1280x720 or 1366x768?


As far as I can tell, it is 1366x768, which is kind of a bummer. I can’t figure out how to get into the service menu to shrink thangs yet.

Although it seems really rare to find a set that isn’t actually 1366x768, I found.


I’m guessing that’s the case, because it’s the highest option for me in the 360’s menu. But at least there is no overscan. I returned the Panasonic tv I originally bought (the new TC l32x5), because you can’t get around the overscan unless you use VGA. and I wasn’t about to also buy an HDFury.


Have you tested this with a PS3 or only a 360?


Both. :slight_smile: I used the overscan test patterns on digital video essentials to determine the lack of overscan on the PS3.


I don’t use my PS3 with this monitor any more. I now have it hooked up to a Sharp 26" LCD TV. I was using it with a PC monitor until I got a new TV. The 906BW is a 16:10 monitor wiith a 1440x900 native res. It downscaled the PS3’s 1080p mode, retaining the 16:10 ratio so the image was slightly squashed horizontally. The weird thing was with 720p, it would scale it up, but in 16:9 aspect, with the edges cut off. But it wasn’t like in your example, with pillarboxing. It would fill the screen completely.