PS3 Alternate OS Question

I’m interested in installing another OS on my PS3 but I would like the PS3’s default OS to remain as the default OS. I’m new to this.

When you install a new OS, does the new OS become the default OS or do you have to start up the OS from the PS3’s main menu?

I’ve been wondering about this as well.

I do know that the PS3 can run a version of Linux that will let you DL MAME.

But I am not a computer person at all. I have no help for ya, but I will be keeping an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:

No, theres a feature after you install the other OS to go into Options, and load into that separate other OS. Restarting the PS3 and Booting into that OS.+

Thanks dude. Good stuff.

I have an orginal 60g PS3, with all the Backwards compatablitiy, etc. I dont want to risk messing that up, but a buddy of mine recently got a newer 40g, and he doesnt like it and wants to trade it in, but I might buy it off of him for the same price he can sell it for used.

Anywho, thanks again for your post, ULOVEMIKEROCH :smiley: