Ps3 and some games

yo i got a 80 gig ps3 with mgs4 and re5. i am trying to get a wii along with madworld and no more heroes. if anyone has any interest let me know. ill take trades and money offers. peace out.


You need to change your title to WTT or WTB…Are you trying to sell the 80gb PS3 w/games, if so you need to put a price.

Im interested in RE5 if you’re willing to trade…Here’s my trade list…

Also depending how much you want for the PS3 im also interested in that…

  1. There’s a thread for selling your ps3
    Go post in there
  2. It happens to be the same as a wii so you might find one in there.
  3. When you sell you post a price, not just “money offers”.
  4. When you want trades, specify what you’re looking for.