PS3 and TV issues using 1080p

So yeah, having some strange issues here with my PS3 and my TV.
TV model LVM-37w3

What’s going on here is this:
I’m in the PS3 menu, and my PS3 is running 1080p (which it should be, it’s in HDMI). Everything looks very clear and crisp, it could not look any better! Now, once I put in my game (say, SF4) and start to play it, the game will put itself in 720p and upscale into 1080p, making the game look a bit blurry and low quality.

Well seeing this I thought “Well, SF4 is 720p game, so that’s ok”, however it does this to EVERY GAME.

Not to mention, I went to a friends house who was on a different TV using 1080p (smaller TV too) and for some odd reason, when he plays his SF4 on that TV, the PS3 will remain on 1080 the entire time. No need for it to upscale!

What can I do to prevent my PS3 from doing this? I want it always running on 1080p, I don’t know why it keeps down grading and having to up scale back to 1080.
Or is this a TV issue?

Feedback please ;o

Almost all PS3 games are 720p, that’s normal.

How is it normal if my friend’s TV does not suffer this issue?

Probably because his TV is able to upscale.

I’m no expert but this sounds like a problem with your TV.

Some TVs that claim to be 1080p are actually just 720p or 1080i upscaled to 1080p, yet they still claim True HD 1080p. I’d do some research on your actual model to see if it’s a true 1080p of faux 1080p, and if it’s the latter, that may be the issue.

In the PS3 settings go to display settings put HDMI and uncheck 1080p. That should keep it from running in 1080 and keep it running in 720 hopefully.

Go to video output settings, and when you reach the select resolution output screen, deselect 720p and 1080i, press accept and finish settings. Now when you play the game it will always output it at 1080p.

However its best, especially in fighting games on HDTV, to play the game at its resolution, since upscaling contributes towards screen lag.

But it sounds like your tv, tv settings or cabling that could be causing the issue.

Not completely clear on what you’re describing - are you saying the PS3 is outputting a 720p signal that your TV is upscaling to 1080p (and not doing it well), or are you saying the PS3 is upscaling the game (which is 720p) to 1080p and then outputting the 1080p signal to your TV?

So this is a TV issue, eh?

Tried it, had my game running in a letter box (having bars on the side).

Does not change a thing.

Basically, I have it set on 1080p, but when I play games it will put my PS3/TV on 720p and upscale to fill the screen.

My PS3 menu plays in full 1080p all the time, but when playing my games it will scale down to 720p.
Even when going through the PS3 menu during the middle of my game, it all looks kind of blurry and dulled out.
My friend’s TV did not have this issue at all, it always ran on 1080p regardless of the game.

I even checked my friends settings and he all everything checked in his PS3 menu when it came to resolution output.

As previously mentioned, most PS3 games are 720p - and even many games which also support 1080i and/or 1080p will output at 720p, the native resolution, if you have 720p checked as one of the supported resolutions in the PS3 Display Settings.

I think if you uncheck all output modes except for 1080p, the PS3 will upscale and output everything at 1080p, but only only an HDMI connection. Not completely sure on this point though as I don’t have HDMI 1080p set.

I have a 1080p Samsung 4071f and today just noticed that it is displaying games at 720p…how is that even possible?

I know my pc monitor will display resolutions other than its native res, but they usually look really janky…the tv looks normal…wonder it if does look fugly and I just can’t tell…need money for another tv so I can compare.

someone from WI buy my tv please…$700 cash :slight_smile:

A 1080p TV is supposed to be able to display all lower resolutions… if a 1080p TV would only display 1080p signals, it would be pretty useless.

It sounds like your TV just doesn’t do as good of a job of upscaling as your friend’s set does. Upscaling quality varies. Or there could be some setting in your TV or your friend’s TV that makes your TV look inferior in this case.

Another possibility is that you’re just seeing the blurriness more because your set is larger.

BTW, try the Wipeout HD demo. It’s 1080p.

I used to have the same issues on my 720p tv that “Upscaled” to 1080p. The problem is as everyone has stated. the TV was not doing a good job upscaling, and it caused the Playstation to say Ef it and just run in 720p. I recently bought a 1920x1200 Resolution monitor, and run the PS3 to it via HDMI so I KNOW that it can run in true 1080p and have not had any problems since. I’d look into some forums or something regarding your TV and see if any other people have had any issues.