PS3 and Xbox Live Collector edition code redemption or download issues


All Xbox owners of the collectors edition go here and enter your code that was on the back of the marvel comic that came with the collectors edition. You DO NOT enter it via Xbox live.

PS3 download is pretty simple and straight forward but all discussion regarding downloading problems or issues should be discussed here and then followed up with Capcom, Microsoft or Sony, I’ll leave this thread open and stickied until about the end of the week.


Still have invalid code on the xbox and code already used on

Might have to call the capcops after i get some sleep.


The code on the back of the booklet keeps coming up invalid for my 360 copy. Meh, I’ll just call about it later today.

Edit: turns out one of the letter were just cut off on the print. I’m good to go now…Also, I didn’t get an email with the code. It just appeared on the screen.


using xbox, my download says it is pending. Any ideas?


I still haven’t received an email with my code


Figured it out.


I had that also but after 5 mins it finish downloading.



So i got the xbox code on the computer screen…where do i enter it so i can download the characters?


I can’t register an account on capcom unity. When I log on there with Facebook or Google it doesn’t accept my password, even though it accepted the password to log me on in the first place.

Edit: Looks like the servers are just busy, I tried again and it worked


I just put in the actual code that appeared on the redeem website on xbox, and it came up as invalid. I put in my response on the Capcom support page, and am waiting for a reply back. Then I called their number, and they said they aren’t available. This issue better be resolved soon, because it’s starting to tip me off.


My 25 digits 360 code is “invalid.” I typed it in correctly multiple times. I think it might be a weird xbox issue though because multiple other times, free codes didn’t work. Like when GTA IV was new the free 1 month xbox live code was invalid. Also a free code given in Madden 2010 didn’t work for me.


my 25 digit code does not work.

good shit capcom


Mine is coming up invalid as well.


25-digit code invalid. Xbox 360 CE.

It’s like they wanted to make this process as fucking convoluted as possible.

  1. Go to Capcom Unity to redeem the booklet code
  2. Don’t have a Capcom Unity account? Well you have to make one
  3. Get your 25-digit code
  4. Go to to redeem it
  5. The email connected to your xbox isn’t affiliated with windows live? Too fucking bad you can’t log in to your xbox account here then, so you have to go redeem it on the actual xbox.
  6. Turn on xbox, go to marketplace (why is there no marketplace option inside the game??)
  7. “Where the fuck is the option to redeem this code???”
  8. Resolve that there must not be an option to redeem the code in the marketplace menu
  9. Go to My Xbox -> Account -> Manage account, and find a “Redeem Code” option… “fucking finally”.
  10. Enter the code correctly numerous times after triple checking the code on the original page you got the code from because you kept the page open knowing there would be some bullshit like this…
  11. Invalid Code
  12. Invalid Code
  13. Invalid Code
  14. Invalid Code

GFJ Capcom/Microsoft


From what i read on Unity, it seems the invalid codes are from people that waited until march 15th to go to

This is what i did personally and mine is also invalid


The code generator from Capcom looks to be giving out the codes that it already gave out for those that registered when it came out.

I called Microsoft about the code and he told me that the code is already in use by another gamertag. He even told me the name of the gamertag that activated it.

So what I want to know if when will this get resolved and what are they gonna do to compensate those who they screwed over.

Seth Killian needs to be reading this and jumping in here and telling us the updates.


lol. Capcom just wants you to pay and extra 10 bucks and buy Jill and Shuma again.

I know some of you will be quite desperate within a few hours and will do so.


So, it is only generating so many activation codes. So, for now, we’re screwed.


Unless…you just buy them again.


Hell for all I know the Marvel comics code is doing the same thing. I haven’t even tried that code yet.

As for buying Shuma and Jill again, fuck that. They need to fix this asap.