PS3 aracde stick to 360 question

Can anyone give me a link to a website where i can buy a converter for my ps3 arcade stick so I can use it on a 360. Im gonna get a 360 soon and I dont wanna buy another TE Stick. Legit websites too please

I would dual mod it, there are a lot of people here that will do it for a reasonable price, look around in the trading outlet.

Oh cool ima look into that as another option.

you could also get a Qanba Q4raf and sell your te.

This would be a good option… Dual-Modding has risks.

Thanks man the price is very reasonable.

The shipping is $60. I have one, It’s a great stick.

Are the parts very good ? or is it something where I have to look into buying better parts to make it last longer ?

It comes stock with all Sanwa parts except for the start button. Sanwa JLF for the Stick, and Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons. Very easy to mod. The company sells spare plexi tops for art changing, and the tech talk thread has a Qanba representative who helps people with their qanba sitcks daily. If you want to change the buttons it’s very easy, but get a screw in start button, the snap in doesn’t sit all the way down on the panel.

TE Kitty board for a solderless dual-mod solution. If you don’t think you can do it yourself, contact your local modder. Support the community.

They have a PS3 stick, so no TE Kitty for them.