PS3 Arcade Board Formally Announced

PS3 Arcade Board Formally Announced

Bandai Namco to offer new board to other developers.
by Anoop Gantayat

March 26, 2007 - Remember that PlayStation 3 arcade board that debuted last month at the AOU arcade expo in Japan? Bandai Namco has finally gotten around to formally announcing the board.

According to a report from Nikkei, the new board is being developed with the cooperation of Sony Computer Entertainment. As it did with its PS2-based “System” series boards, Bandai Namco plans on selling this new board to other developers once development is complete. The PS2-based boards were used by such big arcade players as Sega and Konami.

Today’s announcement still leaves us in the dark about the board’s name and exact specifications. We’ll let you know if we hear anything.


Does…does Arcade version come with blu-ray too, and cost 2x-3x as much as other boards? :lovin:

I wish I can be happy for Namco, but their fighting game franchises have been lull to me. Tekken 5/DR and Soul Calibur just didnt excite. Hopefully Tekken 6 will turn things around.

Well the Lindbergh is similar to a high-end PC and that was like 3-5k.

The only game I remember Sega using System 246 was for Vampire Night, but they co-developed that with Namco. Other than that, they have never used any of Namco’s boards.

And the System boards have been around for much longer than the PS2, the PS1 had System boards based on it (11 and 12) and possibly could be even more older than the PS1.

Tekken 6 to kick around PS3 chip in arcades

Maybe just maybe juuuuuuuuuust maybe now that Sony and Namco are making nice the PS3 can get the GOOD Naruto fighting game series. Pleeeeease.