PS3 Arcade Stick

i just bought this its an Arcade stick is like the Arcade Stick Tournament Edition one or no.

Not even close.

is it good for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 game i jst want to Practice.

Of course I am assuming you mean one of the many Mad Catz TE arcade sticks, but even if your referring to another brand the answer still applies.

Honestly your better off with something else, as one SRK member but it best “Go big or go home”.
Or I rather say “you get what you paid for”. My rule of thumb is avoid sticks at $50 (valued) and less, as this is $53.89 this stick sits in a grey area.

I dont understand. If you’re having buyer’s remorse, try to cancel the order before it ships, or go through the return process on Amazon. Or form your own opinion when you get it. It sounds like you want reassurance that you bought a great stick, but I doubt you’re going to get it. Asking after you bought is just asking for buyer’s remorse, and doesnt change that you already bought it. If you’d like recommendations on a stick to get, there’s a sticky for ‘What arcade stick should I get?’ at the top of tech talk.

i did not bought it yet im asking u if its good for Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 video game

I wouldn’t buy that. Just go big and buy a MadCatz TE or the Hori Soul Calibur V stick. If you don’t want to spend that much for a stick buy a brawl stick from GameStop it’s 30 bucks.

no. go for something better

i can only afford that i only got 50 bucks.

beside i only got PS3 Counsel.

You won’t have $50 forever right?
With some time pass, the $50 can grow?