(PS3 Base) Project: Arcade Pad (PAP) - In need of wirers

I’m hoping some charitable individual will help me out with this.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy, a non-progressive condition that affects the part of the brain that handles the limbs and fine motor functions. This condition has rendered me unable to talk or walk, confining me to a wheelchair. In addition, I only have full use of my right arm, with the dexterity of my left hand probably being about 25% of my right. Even so, I do not let it stop me from doing what I love: Gaming

However, I do have issues in certain games, because of the controllers and/or control schemes. I can’t use the shoulder buttons on a standard controller. That is one of the factors that’s caused me to not be able to step my game up and/or get stuck in games – only being able to use so much of the controller, rather than the whole thing. I’ve tried multiple alternatives to a standard controller, but they all have their issues that cause problems for me. This includes the Mad Catz Fight Pads as well as BenHeck’s Access Controller.

I’m looking for one controller to rule them all. To be used for not only fighters, but for multiple genres – Fighters, action, shooters, RPGs, etc. My reasoning for having one… uber-controller is because, let’s take LA Noire for example, I had to switch between 3 controllers to play the game (one to explore, question, etc., another for driving, chasing, etc., and another controller for shooting), and that is quite frustrating. Nevermind that you can skip parts. That is still frustrating. Or Demon’s Souls, the combat control scheme of which is L3 and the shoulder buttons. Games would be so much less frustrating with one controller.

Hit me up if you’re interested. I already have some base concepts.

UPDATE: The general consensus in this thread is that I should have 2 pads: One for fighters, the other for Action/Shooters/etc
UPDATE 2: I have made a thread exclusively for my other Pad (The one for Action/Shooters/etc) (PS3 Base) Project: Other [genres] Pad (POP) So any post regarding that pad, should be posted there from now on.
UPDATE 3: Here’s the currently known set of specs:
]At least dual-modded (PS360)
[]24mm buttons
]8-button layout
[]Low-set concaved ball-top, ergonomically thumb shape taken out
]Start, Select, Home on top left of pad (A), or to far right (B)
I edited Rufus’s mock-up to make these 2 pictures. He used a FightPad as the base


More or less 1:1 scale of my hand


Rough pic of what the balltop would look like from the side. My thumb would rest inside it rather than on it



It’s not revealed yet, btu there’s something coming this fall from ablegamers/evilcontrollers.

Might want to wait and see what they’re doing.

The problem with those kind of controllers is that, in reality, they are still standard disabled controllers. The same can be said about BenHeck’s Access. No 2 people have the exact same disabilities. I need a controller that is specifically built for me.

Hello everyone, I wanted to bump this for a quick word.

Giniro Shourai is a gamer from Buffalo and has been around a few years now. Even with his disability, he still tries to come out and be with the rest of our local crew, has the ability to learn and understand high-level concepts, but any practical learning or application of things he observes is held back by the fact that he cannot in any capacity hold a pad or handle a pad in a way that all buttons are accessible to him while using a dpad or stick (he only has one usable hand). This is a truly dismaying problem to witness- a guy who has a true passion for playing games, but unfortunately does not have the physical abilities to even hold a controller properly or speak out loud, things you and I take for granted every day of our life.
He doesn’t complain about it to us and tries to work around it whenever we play him without whining or frustration, he just wants to be another gamer in the crowd and we wanna see him have that chance too, not treated like a ‘special’ gamer or be someone who we have to take it easy on, because he can’t even do a fireball motion and hit a button at the same time in most games.

Listen, I know there are a lot of gamers in need out there… and if I could design and physically modify/build a pad for this guy I would. But obviously, here we are.** IF ANYONE** is interested in helping him modify and build a pad to the specifications he needs, I am willing to offer $100 of my own money to help go towards cost and I am sure I can raise some more money from my local game crew as well.

All Giniro is looking for, is someone to take a chance and speak to him about this, It’d mean evrything to him… and who knows for you stick/pad modding experts out there, this could be a simple job for you!

Please help him and us out, I’m willing to assist in any way I can.

thanks for reading.

hey Guys, i’m not a builder or anything, but i just wanted to post a (sad looking since i can’t draw) mock up of how i think a controller for Giniro would look like. It’s also got a wii nunchuku like attachment for the left hand, not sure if it’s useful but i threw it in anyways. Once again, please excuse the lame drawing…i’ll try to sketch something better tomorrow.

This should be taken to Team Tech Talk.

I’d be willing to offer $100 of my own funds to help solve this.
Hell, I’ll donate parts or PCBs if it’ll help.

My father has had MS my entire life so this sort of thing is close to my heart.

Tech Talk would be a better place, granted.
Ginrio, I’ve always felt the same as you when you said " No 2 people have the exact same disabilities." So I think we both agree that the design of what would work for you, as to come FROM you. The shape, the layout, how you would want it to work, all of that, HAS to come from you because there’s simply no way for others to be able to truly understand what you need.

But, let me make one thing very clear; especially since you are talking about a controller that works on PS3, ANYTHING you can describe/draw/layout/put into words, can be done. Seriously. I can tell you from experience that the game controllers are all a simple matter of digital and analog controls, and wiring up the switches or analog triggers or analog sticks, is CAKE. If you want a button that on first press changes your analog stick from left stick to right stick while keeping the left stick locked in the position it was until you press again, cake walk. Button that changes the other button to an ragin demon command, and when pressed again is a focus button, cake walk. Any possible combination of buttons or analogs to do anything you want, cake walk. If you can define, it can be done, and if you can define it in a way that is consistent and understandable, if can be done easily. I dont care HOW complicated it may seem to you, if its made up of digital and analog inputs, I can convert it to all of the standard PS3 pad buttons and analogs in any shape form or fashion, as long as you can describe it clearly.

Maybe this is years of customer support cynicism, and I apologize if it is, but there are two hard parts to a project like this.

  1. Understanding what you need. There is noone else that can clear up what you need. All I know from your posts is that you’re disabled. I have no idea what shape(s) your dream controller would be. I have no idea what buttons you would want where, and what function they would need to have. This is the stuff you should be daydreaming about, and probably have thought of a ton. You need to start defining it. Drawings, walls of text, whatever and however it takes. If you cant describe your perfect controller, no one, not even SRK, can help it get make.
  2. Physical construction. This is a part where I will fail. Most custom controls like this usually end up being formed carbon fibre, vacuum mold, or even custom milled work. Digital and analog switches are installed as needed where needed. From there, wiring them to a control board is easy, but I suck at this part, and some of the other modders would definitely be needed for that part.

I can easily do the electronics to take what you’re pressing on the digital and analog physical sensors and convert it to PS3 commands however you like, and would be happy to help. The hard part, for me at any rate, isn’t actually DOING the work, it’s understanding what needs to be done, and that’s all up to you.

<3 for humanity on srk.

Makes me smile.

  1. Can a Mod or someone move this to Tech Talk?

Exactly. I mean, BenHeck’s Access was good and all, but it wasn’t for me. The same [S]can[/S]will be said about the Ardoits.

For the most part, the button functions are going to be standard. 2 “special” buttons I want are L3 and R3.

Maybe this is cynicism from being screwed again and again over the years, and I apologize if it is, but

  1. I have concepts Photoshopped up, but before I post them, I want to make sure people are serious about doing this.

The mighty toodles has posted, how much more serious could it get xD As soon as Team Tech Talk get the ball rolling, you can count on them doing magic.

So how do you get this moved?

Dunno. I just PM’d Kyle a couple hours ago

I can do any of the custom code on the controllers easy enough, but you definitely need someone that can do the construction of the piece itself, and that’s outside my area of expertise. Start posting up drawings so whomever is interested would have an idea of what they’d be signing up for.

A Trading Outlet mod actually needs to move this. I don’t have the ability to do it.

hit up MegamanDS to move it… I think he is a mod…

get to tech talk and post up your concepts… you want this controller I’m sure someone in there can start the ball rolling if they are able to see what you are talking about… sounds like more of a physical issue that needs to be addressed since it has been stated that the programming can be done… I think it will benefit you if you can explain what the controller for you should look like…

Barring exotic requirements, it can probably be cut from wood. Someone else posted this sort of request in TT a while ago. While I’m very interested in doing something like this in principle, if there’s a need to do fitting during or after construction, it would make sense to talk to someone more local.

So. whip 'em out already, or are you worried that someone will steal your design, mass produce it, and let you buy one cheap?

I wouldn’t say I’m “worried” per se, but considering I’ve been srewed more times than I can count, yes I am a bit skeptical/apprehensive.

These are just basic concepts, nothing more than the basic ideas:



These concepts came about from an adapter I have an adapter that can map (almost) any part of the PlayStation 3 controller to a keyboard and/or mouse (I say “almost” because you can’t map the motion controls). This is very useful, HOWEVER, every so often (anywhere from 30 minutes of use, and up), the adapter stops working, which also disconnects the controller. To fix it, I have to turn the PS3 off then back on again. Quite annoying.

So annoying, in fact that I was wondering if it was possible to mod a standard PC 4-button trackball to a PS3 controller, therefore ditching my adapter (and having to reboot my PS3 each time) altogether? Each of the 4 buttons would be a shoulder button while the trackball itself would be the right stick.

The more I think about it, I think it would be best if the shoulder buttons and the right stick could be daisy-chained to the trackball, rather than having the connections moved, so they can still be used if need be.

I’d like it to be wired, so I don’t have to worry about batteries and such.

Turbo, while useful (for action/hack-and-slash games), is onlyy an option.

Any other suggestions as to how to implement what I would like are welcome. I don’t want to limit this pad to just one game or genre. I want this to be all-purpose. SF, MvC, Soul Calibur, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, etc etc

Going from trackball (or mouse) input to analog is conceptually a little tricky for me. (Perhaps someone else here has more insight into that.) I find myself thinking of something more like this:

It’s not that hard to support any kind of keyboard -> controller button mapping as long as you don’t need to use the analog button capabilities.

I’m trying to understand some stuff:
How do you hold the controller now? How would you like to hold the controller?
How do you sit when you play? Do you sit on the floor or in a chair or stand?
Besides the use of the shoulder buttons, are there inputs or input combinations that are particularly difficult?
Do you care about vibration?
You mention that your ability to use your left hand is limited. What sort of input do you want to do with it – a single button, two buttons, a 4-way stick, an analog stick, nothing, or something else?

It is tricky, for the exact reasons you’re thinking of. The tech to convert it is simple, but he has to either pick a single way to do it and suck it up for the games that that conversion method isn’t beneficial, or use another input to select which conversion method to use, possibly with another input to adjust the sensitivity.

Giniro, taking trackball inputs and trying to convert them to analog stick inputs, totally doable. Problem is, there’s multiple ways to do it, absolutely none of which are what you might consider perfect. Easiest way to describe the it is any standard FPS that uses one stick for movement, and the other for looking. If you wanted the ‘look’ stick to act like a trackball on a PC does, then turning 90 degrees to the left is a simple matter of turning the ball left by some degree. When the ball stops moving, you stop turning. Using that same conversion with the ‘move’ stick, if you wanted to walk forward, you’d have to keep spinning the ball over and over again, otherwise you’d stop walking, just like you stopped turning in the ‘look’ example.
That’s one way of converting a trackball to an analog stick. Another would be to have the controller ‘remember’ how you’ve moved the ball. This one makes it act much more like the actual analog sticks do; you roll the ball a bit up and your FPS dude starts walking, and keeps walking until you roll the ball a bit down like you were re-centering an analog stick. Works great for walking and your standard adventure games, but it doesn’t act like a trackball when used for looking in an FPS. That same 90 degree turn to the left would mean you’d have to spin the ball to the left a bit, and start rolling it back to the right as you get closer to having your target in your sights. This conversion completely forgets that balls can continue to be spun in a direction indefinitely, and just treats it as a big analog stick that can’t return to center on its on.

You’ve said that you can only use maybe half of a regular gamepad, and then your design is a picture of a pad with a trackball attached. I’m seriously concerned you’re still trying to conform to a standard controller, instead of embracing the idea of a controller that embraces you and what you can do.