(PS3 Base) Project: Arcade Pad (PAP) - In need of wirers

It should be possible to carve up a balltop on a lathe.

Y’know what’s sad? Even I’m not exactly sure just how along this project is. I mean, I know we’re deciding on parts and whatnot, but beyond that, I have no idea…

As for the ball-top, that was originally Montoia’s suggestion, and I like it.

So I know I’m a little late to the party here with ideas, but I was playing DJ Hero at a friend’s today and that controller gave me an idea. If you could take something like the platter on the DJ hero controller (or even bigger if necessary) and instead of spinning, make it operate like a giant d-pad with your 6 buttons on the platter, you could control everything with one hand. SpaghettiAmazing had a similar idea at the bottom of the first page, but I think this would give more control than the rolling idea. I don’t know if it’s possible to use an existing d-pad and move the sensors farther out to compensate for the size of the platter, or if you would have to rig up custom plungers for an arcade button to articulate when the platter is moved.

And that’s my late-night two cents.

With the 2012 tournament season firmly underway, it’s time to get this project back on track.

The button layout will stay the same as what has been discussed previously. An 8-button layout, with Start, Select, and Guide out of the way.

As far as movement inputs are concerned, is it possible to scrap the joystick altogether, and use a d-pad instead? The reasoning for this is because I have always played on pad, so adjusting to stick will be difficult, especially remembering to return to neutral. I have experimented with stick and it’s very difficult because i am unable to accurately move just my thumb – my whole hand ends up moving. With a d-pad though, my thumb is more or less in the same location, if that makes sense.

If the d-pad idea is doable, it will also affect the case, for which I already have an idea for.

Also, in the meantime, does anyone know how to mod and/or dual-mod a MadCatz pad? If dual-modding it is impossible, I will just get a 360-to-PS3 converter. However, the MadCatz pads are 6-buttoned, so I’d like it to be modded into an 8-buttoned pad. This will not only tide me over until my Arcade Pad is completed, but it will also be used as my back up, if/when my Arcade Pad needs maintenance.

I am not going to let this fall through easily

Gummowned offers this mod, I believe. In the Trading Outlet.
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Oh sweet. Thanks! How about actually modding it?

I think thats only for Dual modding it. You’d have to ask him.

I actually meant do you know of anyone who mods them?

Thanks Rekano, I talked to Gummo.

Now, with that half being taken care of, the main thing is getting PAP finished.

I’m curious as to how this project is turning out. Anybody that’s working on it, got an update? I’m also a gamer from Buffalo and I can attest to this cat’s seriousness about competing. Seeing what he can do with just a fight pad is astounding and I can only imagine what he would be like if he could compete on a level playing field.


Thank you for your input on this. Unfortunately, the products you posted totally went over my head. I’ve never really used Stick before. Right now, I’m purely a Pad player. As such, I have no idea whether or not what you posted is good. If we had someone with more technical knowledge to give feedback however…

As for your question, I believe so. http://www.kontrolfreek.com/

If it helps, here is a live look at how I play video games.

How do you like the PDP pad compared to the dpad on other controllers?

I LOVE it!


No it didn’t originate here

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I tried out putting the fightpad and pdp pad in the positions that you use and found the pdp pad very superior. Although its still very difficult to play one handed like that, it didn’t feel awkward with the pdp pad.

It’s a shame the 360 pdp pad had to be such a pain in the neck to dual mod. Atm I wouldn’t be able to dual mod it, but I might be able to in a month or two.

Hey Gummo, talk to Rufus. He’s stepped up and pretty much taken control of this project.

He’s at a point where he could use your help.

And I agree. The PDP pad is much more superior to the MCZ FightPad. That’s why I asked you to mod a PDP pad. I prefer them