PS3 Blankas



Well i just started playing AE on ps3 and i’m looking for a few good blankas to follow, anyone know any blankas that upload videos regularly?

My blanka is very solid but i’m always watching blanka vids looking for new setups and mixups that i never thought of, any help would be great, thanks =)


Not really, but maybe gotokaffy.

The level on PSN blows.


RedRanger has a high PP he’s a top 10 Blanka on PSN. Just seems to hop and jump a lot and mixup throw/meaty cr lk > elec on wakeup. There is a Canadian who is #1 Blanka, but I haven’t seen him play. I’d say watch my videos but I feel I’m not as good as a I could/should be. I’m always changing up my style and doing different things.


What is your general style Jolthead ? Rushdown, footsies, turtle ? You play a lot in ranked ?


I play mostly in ranked yes.
I change my style a lot. I use all the above at various times, plus the crazy unsafe style. I try to match my opponent’s style then flip it when they see what I’m doing. The problem is I’ll get good at a certain style but get bored and then mess around and do stupid things. If I could play each style like I know I could I’d be amazing, but really I’m just ok and nothing special.

I guess I want to learn how to beat and learn every play style but sometimes that causes a horrible loss. Like yesterday against a bleh Dudley he rushed down, I guessed wrong and he gets a perfect on me, I adjust my style and beat him easily the next 2 rounds. Then later I lost a match to a Chun Li, changed my style to next match and got a perfect and a near perfect. I swear this game is more about reading your opponent and their style than almost anything else.

I also give up on Blanka for a week and use someone else. I tend to learn stuff in that time about general playing but it hurts my Blanka skills.

I’m not the Blanka to watch, but If I could get my skill up just one more notch and combine everything I know and master it and get jab into electricity down, I’d consider myself a Blanka Master.


I play sometimes in PSN, so i will try to watch you, i live on UE (FR) so i don’t think the connection will be OK with US players.