Ps3 Bluetooth Jabra headset


Small, black sheen, comes with USB charger 18$ shipped OBO.


Are you the dude I gave this to if not I apologize and good luck with the sale just curious.


Yea you gave it to me quite sometime ago. It works i love using it just have a utility bill that needs to be paid. :sad:


Cool like I said good luck with the sale and the headset works really good as well.


if its still for sale i got $15 to throw your way right now.


Lowered to 18$ shipped


Isn’t there different versions? What version is this?


Not sure i think it came with warhawk at one point in time.


It’s just a piano black Jabra BT125, color was exclusive for the Warhawk bundle.

It’s a nice simple headset - I use it for my mobile rather than the PS3. It’s very light, although I’ve never paired it up to my PS3 as I’d gotten the SOCOM headset bundle before I purchased Warhawk.